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June 28 2012

North American "Cabin" Blu-Ray release date confirmed! According to Arrow in the Head, the North American release of The Cabin in the Woods will be September 18th, 2012 for both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

In the announcement, AITH notes that the release announcement does not currently mention any of the special features that will be includes in the release, but I don't think unfair to make a prediction that Whedon-related product standards of multiple commentaries - Joss & Drew commentary combo! - and a gag reel are most likely a shoe-in.

I'll have to save up some money that month so I can buy Avengers and Cabin at the same time. I hope theres a Drew/Joss commentary and also a commentary with the 2 office workers(I forgot their names..) in character during the commentary.(Doubtful we'll get that but it'd be great.)

Edited. Awkward, but uh..nice picture on the page there.

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:) Hey, that's my birthday! Present for myself? I think so!
Great! Now I can pause the movie and read that whole list. I'm excited about buying this.
This is making my whole day. I'm honestly more excited for CITW on DVD than Avengers.
I've had Cabin Blu-Ray on preorder since the minute it was available on amazon and I too am far more looking forward to that one turning up. While I was never a fan of the Marvel movies I did *enjoy* Avengers a lot, but I found it overly long for my liking. Cabin though... three viewings just wasn't enough for me. It's already one of my all time favourites, along with (coincidentally) Cloverfield.

I am dying to know what extras we'll get on the Cabin BR (and second the greatness that a Hadley/Sitterson commentary would be - possibly the most meta thing ever...) and hope for at least a basic walkaround of the main Cabin set. The Visual Companion for it is superb too if anyone hasn't read that one yet.

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Oh, yay! My husband I and were just lamenting yesterday that CITW wasn't in theaters any more and we really, really wanted to see it again. I was afraid it would be December until it came out on DVD.

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