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June 28 2012

Whedonesque is ten years old today. Blogging the Jossverse since 2002.

Happy Birthday to the black! Thanks for being a home for the ever expanding Whedonverse!
Happy birthday to my fandom home since two weeks after site launch.
Happy Birthday to The Black! All of you are originals. You changed my life and you mean more to me than you will ever know.

I love you.
Happy birthday to all of us and Simon in particular! Fantastic work! I almost can't imagine life without Whedonesque. I can, but it's boring.
It's a great landmark. Well done and thanks to everyone responsible for getting us all here. Here's to the times to come.
Glad to have this site. (Understatement.)

I look forward to telling my fan-friends about Whedonesque for many years to come.
Happy Whedonesqueversary!

Time does fly by..

Happy birthday!!
Yay! Congrats! Happy Birthbay!
WHEDONesque: source of my fandom friends, finest kind Joss Whedon-y & friends news, and six years of yucks and tears.

Thanks to Caroline & her founders' team, and the Sanest Mods Around.

Happy Birthday, and get down with your bad selves.
Ha, that one creeped up on me. Wow.
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque!
Thanks for the team that make it possible. Dam, I feel old ;)
Happy birthday and thanks for a great 10 years! May the grrr argh be with you for at least another 10.
I've always been glad a site like Whedonesque exists. I love tastefully done purist fan sites.
Happy birthday!!

Thanks to all the mods and admins who keep running and have made it such a great place.

Plus thanks everyone else who has managed to dig up interesting links and provided interesting discussion.

I really think I would be half (quarter?) the Whedon fan without this place, missing so much news and information and likely missing what people from the Whedon crew have been making.

These days in particular you guys remind me always when a new issue of Angel & Faith or Buffy is out (Dark Horse really needs to get a digital subscription). :)
Happy beeds Whedonesque!

Thank you for getting people to ask me why I'm always on that one site, because "how much is there to read about this one guy?"

A lot apparently.

Here's to many more years of Joss news!
Yay!!! May we have more of these ahead...
Happy first decade aniversary

Happy Birthday us!
Happy Birthday Whedonesque!
Happy Birthday Big W and Thank You (you know, founders, admins, mods and posters :)
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :)
Happy Birthday Whedonesque!!! <3
Oh, how cool! Whedonesque was started on my 18th birthday! Happy day to both of us, and may there be many more ;)
Whee! Happy birthday, everyone! (Yikes, this means I've been here for 7 years or so as well.. we're all getting old)
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque.... Aw, jeez, I've been here for almost eight of the past ten years. I am definitely old.
Lordy! 10 years... I had just turned 19, started my first full time job and was the first place I had regular access to the internet, I count myself soo lucky that I randomly happened apon THIS site for season 7 news. I have been here ever since! Thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years and the admins for keeping me informed and entertained! TO THE NEXT 10!! (god lets hope it goes in slow!)
Wow, that inspired me to take a look back through some of the old archives. Like a time machine. A time capsule I guess. It's awesome that it's all still there. Most websites and forums from back when are long gone now. It's nice to still have an original piece of the time when BtVS was still on the air. Happy Birthday Whedonesque.
So, who made the first post ....?
Happy Birthday to the website that I check 2, 3, or 20 times a day.. :-)

Thank you mods for creating a great, sane atmosphere for discussing all aspects of the Whedonverse.
Happy Birthday to the best Whedon place to be!

And for many more years.
Happy birthday to the black! Here's to another decade of Whedon-related fun!
Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the fandom love you've given us all.
Happy birthday, Whedonesque!

Here, I baked you a cake. Couldn't get ahold of no flour, so it's mostly protein. In fact, it's pretty much what we just had for dinner. :D
Happy birthday to my Whedonesque. I love it here.
Joining in the birthday wishes. This is a great place to spread the good word about the Whedonverse, which now has more connections than Kevin Bacon
Happy Birthday guys!
Happy Birthday Whedonesque. Thanks to Caroline and Simon and Herb and Milov and all the Mods who make this a wonderful place to come to.
Congratulations and happy birthday! It feels like much longer, as if this has been my go-to site for decades, plural. Well done for maintaining your standards!
Happy Birthday.
Congratulations and happy tenth birthday to everyone involved in this remarkable site where we all come to find out what is happening in the Whedonverse. Well done, and may there be many more happy birthdays to come!
Happy Birthday guys!!
Dear Whedonesque, I am so happy you exist. Happy birthday. Love!
My friends and family think I'm nuts but you guys get me. Thanks for all the years of discussion and fun. Thanks Mods for doing such a great job!

Today our BDHs aren't just purple, they're gold and "yellowish!"
Wow! Ten years! Happy birthday. Congratulations and thanks to Caroline and all who have made this such a wonderful place to visit daily. I've learned so much here over the years I've been a member, and it's a hoot to know that so many people share at least two common obsessions: Joss's work and Whedonesque.
Happy Birthday to us! Stay shiny.
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque! So glad I found you when I did!
This site has meant a lot to me, long before I was able to join, I lurked. I was introduced to the site through pumpkinpus (who always knows where the cool stuff is). I am grateful for it every day. Thank you for the last ten years, and I'm looking forward to the next ten!
Happy Birthday and thanks to Caroline and all the mods for making a small bit of sanity on the Internets!
Happy Birthday Whedonesque. Thanks for creating this site, Caroline and Milo. If this site wasn't around I don't know where I would've spent most of my time post-Buffy. Most of the sites I visited in 2002 have since shut down or the traffic is considerably lower.
Wow 10 think I joined this site when I was in high school (and I'm now teaching rather than student-ing). Time flies! But Happy Birthday Whedonesque!
Ten years, huh? Not long now until this site reaches those difficult teenage years! Good luck keeping it under control then! ;)

Happy birthday Whedonesque, and all the best to its mods and members, past and present!
It's been 6 years for me. Boggles the mind. Happy birthday to us!
Actually, whilst we have a thread where site nostalgia isn't entirely off-topic, there's something I've been wondering recently. Whatever happened to Saje? He was one of the most regular commenters here for almost as long as I'd been lurking but he's not been around for about a year or so now. Anyone know what might have happened to him?
Coming up on 6 years for me in December. It's been good times :)
Five Horizons, I'm with you, what happened to that guy and his trademark "wink-smile?" He'd say something slightly snarky (like a correction or clarification) and then he'd give you a ;)

Easily one of the most prolific and definitely one of the more intelligent Whedonesquers too.
Happy 10th Birthday to Old Reliable. Or is that Old Faithful? Anyhow, thanks to Caroline, Simon, Sunfire, Zeitgeist, Herb, SNT, and mods I may have forgotten for making Whedonesque what it is: the "geyser of fun that goes off at regular intervals."

I can't believe that I've been lurking... er, standing about... in the shadows for a good seven of these years. I guess that makes me Spike. Can't really complain. :)
Here's to ten more. Keep flyin.
Happy birthday! Numfar, do the dance of joy!
Congrats to Whedonesque! My 4 year anniversary is next week. :D
It's your birthday!!!

Happy birthday, Whedonesque and Whedonesque peeps! Birthday wishes to keep blogging for many decades to come about neverending shiny Whedony projects.

Now blow the candle!
Happy Birthday! Thanks to all of the folks who keep this the shiniest board in the 'Verse. Here's to 10 more!
Five Horizons, I asked zeitgeist about Saje a while ago, and even z hadn't heard from him. I sure hope he's alright.

I loved hearing his eloquent opinions. Missing also ZachsMind, Rogue Slayer and Ed Dantes today, too. Wouldn't mind seeing phlebotinin, blwessels (firefly flanatic) and Madhatter! Come to think of it, z, when was the last time we saw Barest_Smidgen here?
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Whedonesque! Thanks for all the years of glorious distraction from what I'm supposed to be doing at work. :)
My goodness. Many happy returns!

Yeah, 'polite snark' was definitely his style! :D


Well that's a little worrying. Looking back at his last few posts, his departure did seem somewhat sudden. I'd assumed that real life had just dragged him away for a while and he'd eventually just made the choice to leave his Whedonesque posting days behind but I'd also assumed that at least one or two people here would still be in touch with him. Guess not! With you in hoping he's okay!
Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for the hours of entertainment and info!
Also miss someone whose name I have blanked on- something to do with elephants? QG will know. I got a quote about her once from him.
Happy birthday, dear Whedonesque, and many thanks to you all for making this place so special! :)
Congrats, if not for this place, my life would have been poorer.
Happy Birthday and Anniversary and stuff!

Thanks to everyone who makes me love this site as much as I do (namely, all of you).
Day is a vestigial mode of time measurement. Based on solar cycles. Not applicable.

I didn't get you anything.

(Happy birthday anyway!)
8 years for me ... Time sure does fly. Happy Birthday to us!!! :)
Happy birthday, Whedonesque. And many more.

I've been a member for 6 1/2 years, and lurked at least a couple of years before that. Not sure what I'd do at work if I didn't have this place for an occasional brain break.
bigsofty, we must have joined at the same time, when membership was open in Dec '05. And I, too, lurked for years prior.
Happy Anniversary/Birthday!
Missing also ZachsMind, Rogue Slayer and Ed Dantes today, too.

I actually wrote out a post about a month ago asking if anyone knew what happened to Saje, but I didn't post it because it was so OT in context, that I put it off. It seems several of us have had him on our minds in recent weeks. And, when I read above about Saje, I immediately thought about Ed Dantes and Rogue Slayer, Willowy. And then there was your post. They seemed to quit posting around the time Serenity was released. Years ago. It hasn't been too long since Maddy posted, but I do miss the others, as well.
Here's to ten great years...made great in no small part by the terrific people here! I can't wait to see what the next decade of Whedonesque brings. :)
Happy 10th Birthday, WHEDONesque!

It's hard to believe that I've been coming here for roughly 7 years (5-1/2 as a member).

Thanks to The Powers That Be for creating, modding, and for keeping us in the know and in the black. Additional thanks to everyone who has contributed information and comments along the way. WHEDONesque always catches my attention when Twitter and Facebook news spins by far too quickly.

Best wishes for many decades to come! :)

[ edited by MizBehavin1 on 2012-06-29 22:08 ]
I was thinking of Saje the other day as well. Miss him around these parts.
Happy birthday Whedonesque!

Thanks mods and everyone who made this board such a blast for all those years! Can't believe it's been so long... (like CaptainB and bigsofty I joined up in December 2005 after years of lurking). To many more to come!

Yikes, Saje's been gone for far to long. Miss his clever contributions too. Hope everyhing is all right and that we'll hear from him again someday soon.
Congratulations! Thanks to all the mods and everyone for their hard work.
Happy Birthday Whedonesque.

I joke not when I say this site provided my salvation.

To all the voices before me, and those yet to come, I thank you.
Congrats on ten marvelous years. I've been coming to the black for 7 or 8 of those years. Bestest site ever!
Perhaps while we're thinking about long-time community members whom we haven't seen for awhile, we might also mention Chris in Virginia, who passed away in 2005. One has only to google his name to realize how much he contributed to our conversations.
Last time I was wondering where Saje went, he started posting again after a few weeks. He'd been posting less and less though - compared to his earlier habbits - right before he dissapeared, so I'm assuming real life just got in the way somehow. Here's hoping he's alright, though. I do very much miss his input on the black. I had very many lovely discussions/conversations with him over the years. Who knows, maybe he'll turn up one of these days? *crosses fingers*.

Also, whatever did happen to Rogue Slayer and Ed Dantes? They were some of the first people I had a conversation with on this site, right after I joined, but I think they phased out not that long after.

And yes, ChrisinVirginia, I remember when zeitgeist broke the news of his passing on the whedonesque flickr group. Sad day that was, for this fandom.
Speaking as a long time follower of this site and a recently-joined member, I can only say that I really love this site. Love the updates, love the members, love the purple prose. Happy B-day W!
Thanks to the mods and everyone else who contributes in any way! You're all the reason this site is so great. :)

Count me among the ones missing Saje. I would've loved to hear his opinions on Cabin in the Woods and Avengers.
I've raised three children to teenhood already so I didn't think I'd be spending too much more time in the company of ten-year olds again but this is one I'm happy to spend time around.

Happy 10th!
wow,happy birthday! I don't think I've been coming here for ten years but I know I've been here a while,first lurking and then commenting, and it's been a hell of a ride.
tipping my hat to the mods for being so amazing
Happy birthday, Whedonesque!! It is so great to have a place to go where people share my passion for Joss Whedon and everything that he does.
Ten years? The writers strike started five years ago. I'd have thought the site was very well established and the writers strike only a couple of years ago, not half Whedonesque's existence ago. Was it that long ago we had a late night thread where we decided to buy pizza's for the picket line?
Congrats to everyone who makes this place what it is. Can't imagine having anything else as my home page.
Very belated, Happy Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulateness. I can't even imagine what life would be out without this awesomeness black. I wish I could remember how I stumbled upon here, becuase I know there wasn't anyone who told me about it... A Crazy Random Happenstance that I am definitely thankful for. Can't imagine what it would have been like to not know about Cabin In The Woods, or Dollhouse or Joss being the guy for the Avengers until trailers started popping up. This is the best place to be in the awful years where there isn't much Josswork, and the best place to be in the Awesome Jossful years like this one. Just... an all around awesome place to be. Thank you all!!!

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