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June 29 2012

"Horrible Music" part one - a look at Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The second part in this Sequential Tart feature covers Commentary! The Musical.

I appreciated this very close look at the musical, the lyrics, the weaving of different songs and the instruments themselves. The only part that baffled me was the author's admission that he/she didn't understand the last subtle recall of "My Eyes". I thought this was a pretty blatant reminder that Dr. Horrible and Penny could never really be - highlighted in their ideological difference presented in "My Eyes". Then again, I just got back from a two-day English-instruction seminar and my brain is in hyper-metaphor/theme mode.
Ooh, I like that a lot, luv4whedon. Good call.
I quite liked the second piece. There's not much analysis of Commentary! The Musical out there so this was a nice treat.

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