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June 29 2012

Nathan Fillion talks about acting choices & being identified with a character. Video interview by BackStageCasting. 3.30 minutes long. They don't say when it was recorded.

Seems to crash about 20 seconds in.
Hmm. Worked fine for me.
Worked fine for me as well.

I wish more actors would talk about their choices in this way. Even on something like, "Inside the Actors' Studio," they don't often talk about specific choices of specific characters they've played. As an actor myself, it's inspiring and rewarding to remember that, even at a successful level, it's all just still people doing the same stuff my peers and I are doing. This was really nice to listen to.
interesting interview, just adds to my love of our captain.

Whoever the editor was for this interview though, (both sound and video) should find another job.

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