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June 30 2012

Pre-order the 'Cabin' HMV exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray. Seems to be a UK exclusive thus far.

I am not sure if this was already posted but I figured I better post for the other people on here who love Steelbook's as much as me! Avengers is also available.

The DVD might be available in the UK before the movie opens in theatres in Germany. -.-
I hate that it got pushed back to august.
@roadi: you mean September *sniff*

Would be nice if HMV could tell us whether or not the Blu Ray thing is region free or at least multi-region (it should be since they seem to release globally around the same time?).

edit: btw I just did a new search, seems like the German date has been moved UP a week - it now opens on September 6! (yay, I guess?)

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Yes, looks like it! Can't believe we're supposed to wait another 2 months. Grrrr!
@D-e-f- Amazon has the Blu-ray listed as Region 2 for the time being, that could change though!
Hmm, Cabin and Avengers steelbooks. Hmm.
It is extremely unlikely that it'll be multi region. Very few BR discs are.
Ah well, one happy UK preorderer here.
Is that true, apollo11? Pretty much every Amazon listing I see notes the disc as Region Free. And this huge list shows more Free than not.
What is the draw of steelbooks? More expensive for an aesthetic difference that makes it not fit in with your other movies?
16? Erm no thanks!
apollo11, most blu-ray's are region free. Some companies don't like to make their products region free, some don't mind. Disney is a little strict on this. Some of my Disney blu-ray's are locked, some are not.

I would love to get these in steelbook. They're pretty shiny... but expensive. We'll see.
I don't find it expensive, considering the standard Blu-ray is the same price.

@Tumnus I just think they are really attractive, I have about 3-4 of them already and they don't look out of place with the rest of my Blu-rays.
I stand semi-corrected then!
The 16 pricetag is exactly the same as per the standard edition on amazon, and that is pretty much the usual price for a newly released BR (17.49 on my original amazon preorder). Some steelbooks are very pretty like the HD-DVD of Deathproof, or the HMV Cloverfield dvd set. For most films I don't care, but for Cabin if I can have anything "extra" of it... Want. Take. Have.
@D-e-f-: Seriously?
I hope the Fantasy Filmfest shows the movie before the release.

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