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July 01 2012

Sean Maher talks Much Ado & Firefly 10 years later. Sean is asked if there will be a special announcement at the SDCC Firefly panel, (he has no idea), how he first heard about Serenity being made and playing a villain in Much Ado About Nothing.

I can't WAIT to see villainous Sean. Oh this is going to be beautiful. I'm getting very excited again!
It's been 8 months since the announcment about Much Ado and I can't wait any longer.
If Joss doesn't make some kind of statment about a release when he's in Comicon this month, I'm going to... have to wait longer.

Damn you Joss, getting two movies in one month was just a dirty trick to make the waiting now even harder.
He hasn't played a villain before? Why do I feel like I've seen him as a villain? Hm...

I want to see this movie more every time I read about it. Now I really want to hear the score.
LadyJay: Maybe because he was introduced in Firefly as a suspiciously shady person.
I think it's time for some more Firefly.
Sean as a villain? Sign me up. Simon is my favorite character. *sighs dreamily*
I don't want a season 2 of Firefly, maybe a sequel to Serenity. Yeah, sounds good :)
@LadyJay: "No, but I'm thinking about growing a big black mustache. I'm a traditionalist."
What I got from this article was that Joss "arranged" for the Playboy Club to fail, so that Sean would be free to do his movie. (It takes a criminal mastermind to make it seem like low ratings and poor quality sunk the show.)
Since it's been said that Much Ado About Nothing will be doing a number of film festivals first, I really hope it comes to the Toronto International Film Festival, since I could see it there (assuming I managed to get tickets).
I'm right with you there, Matt_Fabb. When Sean was here in the spring, he said he hoped it would come to TIFF.
I was surprised that Joss was writing the music for the film.
I'm wondering if being at the ADR stage means that the film is just about ready (except for the music). Joss has to have chosen which scenes and takes are in the film if he is recording additional dialogue. . . . hmmmmmmmmm. . . .

I cannot wait for Much Ado. It sounds fantastic, and every tidbit of new information we get about it makes me more excited.
I'm crossing my fingers for Atlantic Film Festival in the fall. Would be ecstatic if it came here. (And probably delirious if Joss came with it.)
Hes such an amazing soul to be around and he was just SO excited, even his wife was saying shed never seen him so excited in such a long time.

This is how work should work.
I need to see Much Ado. Right now. Every day I log onto the black I hope to see a shiny purple announcement about the film on the top of the page. Sigh.

Edited to add. Lioness, wasn't there something said about Jed and Mo writing some music for the movie when all the first news came in?

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What a fabulous interview. Sean's description of (essentially) filming live theatre sounds amazing and exhilarating. (I've got the BBC Hamlet DVD with David Tennant, which was filmed in the daytime between evening performances and the feeling is like being at the actual show.)

I'll come back and rewrite when someone stops hitting me with the inarticulacy shovel, but to sum up;

Can. Not. Wait.

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