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February 11 2004

(SPOILER) Heeeee, some more...

More puppet images.

This is just superb. Unbelievably funny. Our very own 'Beer Bad' (probably). I swear the writers are on crack at the moment.
Make sure you click on the images in this article, as that will take you to a bigger, more detailed picture. The thumbnails they show are just a small portion of the actual photo.

And I have to say, from these pictures alone, this episode looks absolutely hilarious. Maybe a bit cheesy, but who says that's a bad thing?

LOVE that group shot! :)
I'm all for merchandising for this episode.
Does that mean there's no David in the episode? Couldn't they have chosen someone else to turn into a puppet? lol
Everyone's going to want one of their own Angel puppets now! LOL
I admit - I'll be right there with them.
The last group shot... can't you just see Densinof about to crak up? Hee hee.
I can't wait. This'll be classic. It looks like the puppet gets a little roughed up. I wonder how that'll be played? Dramatic or funny?

I can't wait to have my questions answered! Will he still sound like himself, or will he have a puppet voice to go with his new puppet body? Will he vamp out, puppet-style in the episode? Oohh... such potential!
That is the best picture EVAR! I want an Angel puppet too, but only if it comes with a sword.
damn, irrelevantchangeling, you stole my post!
I hope they include outtakes of this on some future dvd-you know it had to be weird on the set that week
There's a half-page photo of the Angel puppet (side-by-side with DB) in a WB ad in the new TV Guide, and it is roll-on-the-floor funny.

I want to comment on the concern from some corners of fandom that this episode borders on jumping the shark, and it's too far out or cheesy for ANGEL. I think it fits in perfectly with everything that's been going on in Season 5

The tag line of the ad is: "Angel is no man's puppet. Until now." As usual with network advertising, they've missed the point of this entire season of ANGEL. Angel HAS been a puppet, dancing on the Senior Partners' strings, and before that, willingly submitting himself to the obscure visions and inscrutable motives of the Powers that Be. Perhaps the transformation into a puppet, rather than simply incarnating the metaphor, will shock him into realizing how he's put his fate into the hands of others who may not have his best interests at heart.

(Either that, or the ep will be a lot o' goofy fun. I'll take either one.)
I cannot wait to see this!!! The pix are hilarious!! I cannot wait to see how the other actors deal with a puppet...I'm sure there was much cracking up!!!
I'd sell my first-born (if I had one) to the devil in exchange for my very own Angel puppet. I want an Angel puppet!

This episode looks phenomenally hilarious. And potentially strangely moving. I don't think this'll be Angel's "Beer Bad" at all. There are great possibilities here.....let's hope it's done with ME's usual wit, panache and pathos. I cannot wait.
This would be the deathblow for many series, but I think cjl is on to something. It's just a PERFECT metaphor for the season's arc.
This is so in keeping with both Angel's world and the BuffyVerse in a more general vein. Near the end of the first season of Buffy, there was an episode with a ventriloquist dummy that had a human soul. It can be argued that like the mexican wrestler we saw earlier this season, the dummy from Buffy season one was a Champion.

Angel is finding himself a dupe to the Powers, and this coincides with the physicalization of his being turned into a puppet. Whedon loves physicalizing the more abstract interrelations between characters and their environment. I think this is one of the most logical and inevitable plot developments of the entire season. Whedon's been building up to this. Angel is a puppet of more powerful forces.

Ultimately the climax of this series will have to involve Angel getting the hand outside the puppet head. He has to separate himself from what greater forces want. Either that or just accept the inevitability of his destiny. Just as Buffy's plot arc ultimately involved no longer being the chosen one, and forcing the whole of Slayerdom into fighting on her level and by HER rules. That's where Buffy had been going since the first episode. Angel has to realize what and who he is; a puppet. Then he has to face his puppet masters, and one way or the other, cut the strings.
When i first heard about this I thought of "The Puppet Show," as well from Buffy. I think Joss is going to find a way to reinvent this concept just like he did with Something Blue and the Lorne episode this season. I can't wait to see it for another reason....

My mom is a ventriloquist and she goes to the annual ventriloquist convention every year. She knows all the puppet makers because they sell them there every year. I haven't been able to send her this picture yet, so it should be interesting when i find out who the puppet maker is (judging by the picture i don't think it's Henson, but it very well could be...)

Back to Angel, that's a very interesting way of looking at this season, with everything that's going to happen i'm intrigued to see what occurs next.
I'm praying that we at least get SHOTS of the rest of the cast as puppets.

Can't you see Harmony: "I LOOK FAT IN CLOTH!"

or a singing Lorne-puppet? Or or or...

We need to have a full ep acted out with puppets.
Lorne and Angelpuppet look like they're about to make out in that third picture.
I think Fred would make the cutest puppet. If Harmony was turned into a puppet, I think it'd be hilarious if Mercedes fell out of camera and then Miss Piggy stood up. Not that Mercedes is a pig, but Harmony being played by Miss Piggy as if she were a real actress. That'd be a hilarious episode all by itself. "HEE-YAH! ..Oh. Sorry boss." Then Spike could turn into Kermit and they'd be chasing each other all over the lobby.. Okay never mind.

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