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July 01 2012

20-year Buffy panel at SDCC includes Kristy Swanson. On the final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2012, "[s]tars from the hit TV series Buffy... (Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer) join forces with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie, writer/producer Jane Espenson, illustrator Georges Jentry [sic], and the original Buffy herself (Kristy Swanson, star of the 1992 motion picture), not to mention a surprise guest or two."

I am loving all of the Whedony stuff this year. No power in the verse can stop me from attending everything Whedon.
Except when a Whedony panel conflicts with another Whedony panel.
Man, if there was ever a year to go to ComicCon, it'd be this one!

Avengers, Castle, Buffy, Firefly...and me flat busted. I mean broke.

Sigh. Ain't it always the way?
ShadowQuest, I thought Castle was a no-show this year. Something about the show not being invited. :(

Lots of good Whedon-y fun to be had though.
Don't get me wrong, I would love seeing a panel like this.

BUT...does anyone REALLY care about what Kristy Swanson has to say?
Yes. Alas I will miss it because I have to leave early Sunday morning.

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It starts 45 minutes after the Doctor Who panel finishes. I've got no chance!
To answer Chris Oz's question...yeah. Some would like to know Kristy's opinion about how Buffy has emerged as a TV show (like, for example, does she have DVDs from the show). What would make it complete is Joss showing up (a 50-50 chance) and SMG also coming, because it's also the 15th anniversary of the TV show. The latter's a longshot, but you never know.
Chris Oz, you don't have to keep repeating that comment. We heard you the first time. Thank you.
To my knowledge, SMG has never appeared on a Buffy-related panel, at least at Comic-Con. I remember when she was there to promote The Grudge, and all everyone seemed to ask her about was Buffy. She was gracious but clearly uncomfortable. (Much the same way David is when people ask about Angel during Bones panels.) That said, I'm surprised the only original series cast member who's appearing is Nick.
No offense, but if I was asked about an older, hugely successful work of art that I starred in, I would not be ashamed or embarrassed in the slightest. Even though the panels are about something, Bones for example, that shouldn't stop or discourage people to ask about something oldest that the actor was involved in. It doesn't matter what the question is about, their current or older work, they should still be honored and flattered that someone is a fan of their work.
Just my opinion anyway.
Bi-location is an acquired skill...
Oh b!X I see you've added at lot to your link but I don't see the Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog Thursday from 8:30 to 10 pm in room 6 BCF and/or the Once More With Feeling on Sunday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm in room 6 BCF. Of course they caught my eye because I totally love stuff like that.

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Clare Kramer said on Reddit a few days ago that she was hosting the panel. Not sure how thats going to work out. When she says host, does she mean moderator?

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With Sarah, I don't think it's fair to go back to The Grudge stuff. During all the Ringer press, and that show panel, she was very appreciative and supportive of Buffy. I think she had a change of heart.
The difference is time. Back during The Grudge era, I imagine it was important to establish she could be someone other than Buffy. In the years since The Grudge, she's had a career, and a family, and perspectives/appreciations change.
This might come up at the panel.
Has she been misinformed? To my knowledge Joss has never said a negative word about her.
Does Joss have to explicitly say that he doesn't dislike her? The only thing I've ever seen in writing, or at least alluded to, is about his friction with Sutherland mistreating the director and other people on set and that he liked Rutger Hauer's performance. When the news came up, what two years ago or so, about there being a new Buffy film, he handled it with grace. Maybe it's that he has moved on, and she hasn't. I certainly don't want to sit through a panel where ancient history is dredged up.
Panel about a character created in 1992. Not wanting ancient history dredged up.

Sorry couldn't resist.
Kristy Swanson (and Paul Reubens) are the only reason the movie is watchable. Loved her as Buffy.
It would be an intriguing panel to have Kristy involved, I have to admit...get some of her memories about doing the film and her thoughts on the character from 1992 and 2012. Though I hope things can be done in a friendly/professional manner, but I gotta think that someone like Kristy wouldn't get involved in anything she didn't feel like participating in use showing up for any money she would earn if she's not gonna have a good time.
I would hope that us whedon fans can respect her involvement with Buffy for what it is. She did a convention a while ago and stated that she never did watch the show. I would hope that everyone can show some respect and just have fun!

I know I'll be there!
I don't care as much what Kristy Swanson has to say as much as I care what "Buffy" fans would have to say to her, which, frankly, should all boil down to some species of "thank you".

If that marginally popular cult favorite of a film hadn't been made, the show wouldn't have been made, or very few people would have raised their eyebrows when it was. True story. And she did in fact actually pretty much rock in the flick, bringing us a good bit of the basis of its cult popularity. But people that don't make proper obeisance to that film and all its campy, Joss-script-ignoring glory, but love the show, need to get right, because... no movie, no show.

It just made me think, you know what the best panel would have on it? Stephen Root and Armin Shimmerman.

Not surprised Nick and Clare will be there. They are pillars of fan interaction.

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I liked Kristy in Buffy, but if I met her, I'd want to ask her about Psych. It was awesome seeing her in the vampire episode, and I loved the other times she appeared on the show as well. Yay Kristy!
This looks like an interesting panel with a slightly odd (but great) mix of Buffy-connected people. So many great panels this year. *sigh* I want to go to there.
I'll try and find the quote, but Joss has been quite complimentary about Swanson, saying she would come to him asking about character choices and stuff, and generally being engaged and interested in the material. So yeah, not sure where she's getting her info.
I think I missed her episode(s) of "Psych", and will head to imdb + netflix tonight to remedy :) I did like her in "The Chase", "The Program", and particularly "Higher Learning". I'm not surprised at all to hear tell of her being really engaged in the character. It shows in the performance that she wanted to be her best (as one does).

Always fond of her calling Merrick on telling a joke, and her dance with Pike. That's as true a Buffy as SMG has ever given us, and that is a compliment to both.
Yeah I remember that quote too Jobo.
I'd be interested in knowing if Swanson's perception of Buffy as a character has changed since she played the character, either because of public perception of the character (and the cult status), or because of something else, or if she still sees Buffy as she did when she made her acting choices for the film.

Is there a scheduling conflict that leads us to believe one of the surprise guests *won't* be Joss Whedon? (Question asked in all seriousness.)
The only other (half remembered) comment I can recall regarding the movie was Joss telling (I *think*) Sarah before the show started not to watch the movie, as he didn't want that interpretation of the character in her mind... which to me does seem as if he *didn't* entirely think Kirsty played the `correct` Buffy. I can't recall any positive comments made regarding Kirsty's Buffy, which given how good Joss is at making sure credit is given where due whether writer, cast or coffeeboy also kind of stands out.
I was at a panel with Kristy once and she said she heard a rumour that Joss was unhappy with the movie but she didn't know if it was true. o_O

I can see not discussing Buffy at a panel that's not about Buffy. Years ago at the Fray panel Joss said he would take one Buffy question, then everything else was supposed to be about Fray. There's only some much time at a panel.

There's a certain blond ex-vampire who is going to be at comic con...
Saw this interview from a couple of years back with Swanson (warning: some fairly racy pics of her within):

It seems that she was happy with the film and with the subsequent show. Had no idea that her real father played the basketball referee in the movie.

I think she'd be fun on a panel and give some insight about working with Joss, her take on Buffy, etc.
Oh bloody hell to this whole damn schedule. Why did we think this was a good year to skip again?!

Re: Kristy Swanson, everyone who knows me knows I love me some OG Buffy, but I've seen her on panels before and not sure it's necessary again. Nick Brendon and Clare Kramer and Kristy do so many Wizard cons, I wonder if there is much left original to discuss at this point. But, I wouldn't be shocked if Masters was added to this roster between now and showtime.

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