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July 01 2012

50 comics and characters that resonate with LGBT readers. Relevant titles: Buffy Season 8 (#24), Runaways (#10), X-Men (#13).

ComicsAlliance asked an expert panel of cartoonists, writers, editors, and journalists to vote on the comics and characters that had the most impact on them.

There's plenty more that didn't make the list; but I learned a few things. I particularly like the inclusion of characters of queer significance who may not be LGBT themselves as they are a very important part of the landscape. But for me nothing is more satisfying than characters who are notable for other qualities and just happen to be LGBT. That really makes me feel at home. Thanks for posting this; nice to see Buffy in such great company!
There were what, three entries out of 50 that were transgender? That was disappointing. Not even "Doom Patrol"'s trans character was featured.
Why the heck isn't Martin Eden's "Spandex" on this list?
Why the heck isn't the Willow and Tara from the original run of Buffy comics listed here, instead of Buffy's one-off with Satsu?
Dana5140, I don't think the old Willow and Tara comics were ever particular relevant. While they were fun, Season 8 is much better, and Willow, Tara, and Kennedy are all mentioned in the article.
Invisible Green; Well, they weren't canon, but they seemed pretty good when I read them. (I didn't follow the original comics so have nothing to compare them to, though.)

Dana5140: Well, technically, if you deifne a one-off as either a single issue, a one-night stand, or a "weekend," it was a bit more than a one-off *g.
The list was put together based on what people working in comics and writing about comics felt was influential. It's a snapshot of influence. It's not meant to be anyone's version of a comprehensive list of LGBT characters or anything like that. It's a big compliment that Buffy is listed.

I was very happy to see Alison Bechdel at the top of the list, and to see Girls With Slingshots included.
I was happy to see Alison Bechtel and "Hothead Paisan" on the list. "Spandex" is an ongoing U.K. comic book series about an entirely gay/lesbian/transgender team of superheroes, and it's very good, so I just thought in terms of both quality and LGBT relevance, it belongs on the list.

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