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July 02 2012

Special features on The Cabin in the Woods DVD/Blu-ray get revealed. And yes there's Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon commentary.

I want to know more about the "It's Not What You Think" bonus view mode.
OMG I CAN NOT WAIT until this Blu-ray...

The commentary and the Q&A?! :D

I can't wait to hear what Joss and Drew have to say...
oh that all sounds VERY nice! :D

really cool that they included the Q&A.

man, I finally wanna see this! September can't come soon enough!
Nice one. The make-up and animatronics featurette also looks particularly interesting, given the amount and variety of those things in the film.
Nice to see that DVD owners aren't getting stiffed on this one. Disney I'm looking at you.
I can't wait! blooper reel? Every DVD should come with a blooper reel!
@ Simon - Consider it par for the course, with any Disney DVD release. They put all of the special features on their Blu-Rays, in hopes people will buy the combo-packs and watch them when/if they get a Blu-Ray player.
./throwing money at screen.
The only thing more I would want would've been the Sitterson and Hadley commentary idea someone mentioned the other day. I had feared the long complex history of the film might've damned it to a light disc for extras. This sounds very nice though.
I tried googling, what does "The Cabin In The Woodswill also be available on EST September 4, two weeks prior to the Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand release." mean? I can't figure out what EST stands for.
Presumably it's Eastern Standard Time.
Badly worded press release or is EST some sort of new format that no one has ever heard of.
Oh, wait. I'm totally wrong, EST is actually something and I have no idea either.
Electronic sell-through. Basically, digital download. Obviously, they haven't specified through what.

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Fancy that. You learn something new every day. Cheers.
It helps explain why they include the WonderCon thing as a special feature of digital download.
Thanks b!x, I re-read the press release several times (well at least that part) trying to make sense of that sentence. I sort of figured they were going for some sort of time zone-d release but they forgot to specify the exact time/what/how.

I suppose calling it a digital download outright might get confusing in context of how they mention digital copies.

Also I always sort of interpreted on demand and pay per view as synonymous...? And On Demand with services like Amazon rental.
Am I the only person who likes buying Bluray/DVD combo packs? It allows me loan out my DVD while still having the blu ray to watch on my HD at home.
Was about to shout "it doesn't begin as a conventional horror film!" then I remembered the opening titles.

Also, want want want!
The high price of Blu-Ray films has put me off upgrading. Glad to hear that us regular DVD buyers get the majority of the special features for once.

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The One True bIX - Thank you. I spent a lot of time trying to sort out what that meant. lol
There's a correction in regards to the press release.

"“We Are Not Who We Are: Making The Cabin in the Woods” - “making of” documentary"

should read

“We Are Not Who We Are: Making The Cabin in the Woods” featurette
Cool - as probably the only person posting on whedonesque who still hasn't seen this movie through a combination of 'can't turn away from the gore in a movie theatre and thus prefer it on the small screen' and 'don't have friends who want to go see horror movies to begin with', I can't wait for this release! :)
@GVH you're among all of us internationally separated fans who are still waiting for the theatrical release :)
Then as one of the lucky international set who have seen it allow me to explain everything in the movie;
Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler happens, then Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler BUT... Spoiler Spoiler really? chocolate?! Spoiler Spoiler blood Spoiler Spoiler and then you're like "Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler?!" but Spoiler happens and Spoiler.
Great ... now I'll be watching out for anything chocolate related during the whole movie :D

Btw, this immediately made me think of Restless (for hopefully obvious reasons) :)

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