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July 02 2012

Cocktail meet-and-greet with Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon. An opportunity to attend such on Thursday, July 26, in San Francisco. Tickets, according to Eliza's Facebook, go on sale this Friday.

The event is a fundraiser for her organization THRIVE-Gulu (formerly THARCE-Gulu).

So, how much is it???

Or, does it go the highest bidders?
I guess we'll find out Friday. $500+ I reckon. Maybe $800?
Not getting why eliza and joss. Only them? New project announcement?

Simon, really? So expensive. Also, everyone will beasking avengers amd much ado... eliza not in either.

Sorry notgraatically cool, srill getting used to this fucking device
Ok, last time they met up Joss accidentally came up with Dollhouse while taking a piss. How many people are going to follow him to the bathroom to try to experience the next birth of genius?
Hopefully none.
Simon, really? So expensive.

That's what the market would dictate by my reckoning. Plus it's kinda one in a life time opportunity. I don't think it's a new project, more Joss helping out for Eliza's charity.
Yeah, I agree Simon. I think that Eliza is promoting her Charity, THRIVE, and Joss has agreed to come up and get the fan base excited (could also be she was nervous to do it alone).

It isn't clear if this will be an auction (in which case it could get into the thousands), maybe it will be like a cocktail party with a lot of fans paying less (relatively speaking) instead of just one or two paying a lot.

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Joss and Eliza in the same room... the perfect opportunity to steal them in one daring heist! So, some grappling hooks, duct tape, nylons... It's not kidnapping if you objectify them, right? More like grand theft celebrity... They were just too shiny, your honor!

It's possible I need some sleep.
Suddenly picturing a warehouse somewhere jam packed with glum/bored "stolen" celebrities who have mysteriously fallen off the Hollywood radar. Be tough to fence them, I suppose, unless you found a crappy film in danger of not being made that was willing to deal in black market - WAIT, is that how that happens!?!!? Think I'm on to something here...

And definitely going to bed now.
This would be a dream come true for me. The cause is worthy, I'm within reasonable driving distance of SF, I might be able to afford it. But once there, having cocktails with Eliza and Joss (even typing that phrase feels weird), I'm betting my social awkwardness would get the better of me.

I would totally choke.

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