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July 02 2012

Vote for Joss Whedon or Mark Ruffalo for "Game Changer of the Year". As part of their "All Access Live" coverage of Comic-Con, Spike TV will present someone with their Game Changer of the Year Award during the convention on July 13.

Write-in vote for Game Changer of the Year, (with tongue only slightly in cheek): Danny Strong for Game Change.
I hate the be the dissenting voice, but I had to go with Kevin Smith on this one. As much as I love the Whedon, I've been a Kev die-hard since Mallrats, and making a movie that NOBODY wanted to finance or distribute on mostly your own dime, is tad more game-changey that making a massive studio flick which would have done pretty well no matter what.

Sorry Joss, you get my vote in almost everything, but not this time.
The reason this is the year of Whedon is because Joss Whedon has been the Game Changer of the Year! People still talk about Serenity as a flop (I think that that is an unfair assessment for a movie that made a profit... eventually, but I still read that in too many articles). Joss has achieved box office and critical acclaim this year, he has changed the way everyone in Hollywood looks at him (well, obviously not us, we always knew he was awesome). So yeah, I totally voted for Joss... twice (because the site let me).

It is true that Avengers was going to be a hit no matter what, but breaking all kinds of box office records? If it was that easy then everyone would do it. If it was that easy then Iron Man 2 would have made 600 million dollars. Fact is it isn't that easy.
I gave it to Joss for blanket reason that covered bringing old school "sexy" (read: scared non-directly related to gore) back with Drew in Cabin, filming in entire movie in less than 2 weeks and it's a full scale production, AND proving that ensemble comic books can work and work VERY well at entertaining the audience.

Kevin Smith is a tight #2 because I personally feel that Joss and Kevin are soul brothers in knowing their genres references and just taking things to a new level when they writing and directing things....some will disagreed, I know, but I personally think have the same kind of thought process and support system. Doesn't hurt that also they both have mad love for the "Queen of Albania" (i.e. Eliza Dushku)!

I voted for Joss because he's always changing the game.

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Yeah, had to go with the Master.
What makes me smile is the fact it won't just be us lot voting for Joss. :)
Jamzro, I'm just happy to be counted as part of an, "us lot."
It's my, "I clocked field time" moment.

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There is no way I could not vote for Joss. For many many reasons but to keep it current, the one-two punch of Cabin In The Woods followed by The Avengers is enough to make a believer out of anyone. And the smile that Jamzro is wearing is smack dab on my face for the same reason!
I voted Joss, though I love Kevin and was tempted by Robert Kirkland, who helped make a genre show a mainstream hit on AMC.

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