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July 03 2012

Angel & Faith Nominated for a Best New Series Harvey Award. The Harvey Awards, one of the comics industry's highest honors, will be announced September 8, 2012 at Baltimore Comic-Con.

Congratulations to Christos Gage, Rebekah Isaacs, and the rest of the A&F team! They have some pretty stiff competition including Animal Man, Daredevil, Last Mortal, Ozma of Oz, and Rachel Rising.

Hear hear! Well deserved!

Angel and Faith continually restores my faith in the Buffyverse comics. It rivals some of the best storylines in the tv show. Congrats! This has been a great year for the Buffy comics :)
Well if I could vote, which I can't, then my vote would go to 'Rachel Rising' by Terry Moore (doing both writing and drawing). It is an incredibly complex and interesting story. Terry Moore has done some past work within the Whedon verse (drawing for some Willow & Tara comics that Amber Benson helped to write as well as a few other things).

Actually I am madly in love with Brian K. Vaughan's 'Saga' too, but I think that started too late for consideration this year.

I like Angel & Faith, but so far it hasn't been nearly as compelling IMO.
I think Angel & Faith is amazing, but I've yet to read any of the competition.

I'll have to check out Rachel Rising, especially after Rachel Rising's strong recommendation. I am a fan of Strangers In Paradise despite the fact that I feel it went on too long and should have ended a lot sooner. I never really took to Terry Moore's Echo and so Rachel Rising wasn't even on my radar.
I don't really get how Daredevil is nominated for Best New Series. I know it was relauched, but still...
Congratulations to Rebekah and Christos. Yet if I had to pick I would go with @embers. Saga totally rocks. It is original, endearing, has amazing female characters, and unlike S9, was not afraid to actually go for
I'll add my voice to the Saga love. It's the only book at the moment I *have* to read.
I love Angel & Faith, but Animal Man and Rachel Rising are also really terrific.
Angel & Faith is a great read. I've been reading the first tpb over and over again. It excels on a lot of levels.
I've really enjoyed this comic, more than this season of Buffy, truth be told. I hope it continues to do well.
Hope it wins. I think it's an amazing book.

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