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July 03 2012

10 best movie inspired tv shows. Buffy makes EW's list of the 10 best(and 5 worst) film to television projects.

No love for Alien Nation? I know it was only 1 season, but it was solid and had some good reviews, and I recall that a few years back, Tim Minear was penning a revival of the show (though I don't think it ever went anywhere).
Maybe Alien Nation got left off because it was a Fox show?

Hmm, interesting. Would have thought TSCC would make the list.
And my conspiracy-laden theory gets another piece of evidence!
It's interesting to think back on, in light of the 20 years of Buffy panel coming up at Comic-Con, the comments I have read in various Internet venues of how much is owed to Kristy Swanson for creating Buffy. And as much as I enjoyed Kristy's performance, she did one film; Sarah Michelle Gellar was in seven seasons of a television series and took a child to more confident, if still-conflicted, womanhood (I understand from reading here at the Black there have been some baubles in S8, S9 with that womanhood, but I stopped reading the comics mid-Season 8. Still). I feel I owe Joss for expanding on his original vision, which, as the film turned out, was not an actualization of his vision in the first place.

I can't think of one better adaptation from film than BtVS.

While M*A*S*H had its moments, it also had a canned laugh track which was horrifying. It also had a dramatic episode involving Hawkeye, on a bus full of villagers, that exemplified the horrors of war, which made up a lot of the awful laugh track. And Klinger in his dresses, yep.

I was broken-hearted when The Sarah Connor Chronicles was canceled. Not as broken as when Caprica was canceled but close.

Funny, I thought Alien Nation was more than one season, but read up and found that four years after it was canceled, it then got a series of television movies. It should have had high marks in that article, but as noted, not even mentioned. Gary Graham (Sykes) went on to guest star in two Trek series.

I sometimes idly wonder what could have been done with an Interview with the Vampire series as a worthy rival to True Blood, but I doubt it will happen.

Life Force? No, no tomatoes, please!! :-)

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i have to say that i dont think that kristy had a big part to creating buffy like tonya j said smg was buffy for 7 seasons she will always be buffy to me
You can turn off the laugh-track on the MASH DVDs, Tonya, and it holds up pretty well without that.
They missed what was by far the worst tv show ever based on a film: Casablanca, with David Soul playing rick. Really, its true,david soul doing bogie
Jobo, thanks. If I ever get the urge to check out the DVDs, that is good to know. Laugh tracks make me want to spork my eyes out. (Well, not really because I needs them, but you know - :0)

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