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July 03 2012

"Fruity Oaty Bar! The Motion Picture." "It's like nothing you've ever seen before... except for that one 30-second ad from Serenity. It's totally like that." (A small bit of sketch comedy.)

and each and everyone of us would be lined up to see it, now, wouldn't we?
Rofl...I'd pay to see that. Poor Chelley :)
This would be Joss' Metal Machine Music (but we'd still buy it on DVD).
Why oh why did I click on the link!!!? So that will be fruity oaty bar stuck in my head for a week. Every time... EVERY TIME!!
Just reading the words fruity oaty bar gets the song stuck in my head. Also, hilarious.
I'd watch it.
I would totally go to that motion picture. I'd go to the midnight show!
"Someone has gone to enormous trouble to fry your little mind."
I love fruity oaty bar! Will the movie be in 3D?

(This post needs a link.)

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Well that just got "Call Me Maybe" to leave my head! Anyways I would go see that...I love the fruity oaty bar girls.
I'm still hoping we'll finally get to see "Joss Whedon's Grocery List" on the big screen.

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