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July 04 2012

Slayage conference brings Joss Whedon academics to Vancouver. "The fifth biannual Slayage conference occupies UBC's Allard Hall from July 12th to 15th. Academics from around the world and across disciplines will be in town to discuss the multiplicity of Whedonverse creations."

Damn, damn, damn. I just got back from a week in Vancouver. Visiting my daughter-in-law, who is a doctoral student at UBC (and my step-son, who is same at Simon Fraser). Drat.
Slayage is such a wonderful and engaging experience. I can say with certainty that attending tickles and broadens the mind of even the most knowledgeable of fans (not to mention, many laughs and much hearty grog! Okay, maybe not so much the grog part). Dana, if you check the page after the conference to see the options for where it's going to be held in 2014, you'll be able to vote for a location and perhaps you can attend a Slayage in the future.
Oh, I keep wanting to go, every year, Mare. This time out, it just did not work time-wise, but I will make it before I leave this mortal coil.
How many people from the board are coming to Vancouver?
I'll be there and am giving a paper with a colleague (Sacrificial Virgins in the Whedonverse - I swear we thought of this BEFORE "Cabin in the Woods" ...) - I've never been to Slayage before but Vancouver is very close for me and it would have been a shame to miss it. I am looking forward to it.
Great - I'd love to hear that paper but unfortunately am not able to attend even though it's in my backyard (almost literally!) I do hope to go to one of the open events they're planning for after the sessions.

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