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July 04 2012

Marvel Phase One Boxset release date confirmed as September 25th. Hopefully this hasn't been posted earlier - I just got an email from Amazon in the last day to confirm the shipping date.

Wow...September's gonna be a pricy month, what with the Cabin Blu-Ray and this boxset coming out within 1 week of each other!

And don't forget that for Nathan Fillion fans September also sees the release of Castle Season 4.
I'm a bad Fillionaire...but I'm way behind in my Castle watching, so I would need to get the first couple of seasons watched and buy S3 before I could think of getting S4. wallet says "Mercy!" in any case ;D
I really hope that isn't the final box art. Because, really a 9 foot Hulk replica that shoots the Blu Rays out of its bum would be less of an eyesore.
I dunno...I found it rather understated :P
This can't be the final box art. There are no llamas.

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