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July 05 2012

'The Avengers theme' violin cover. As played by Taylor Davis on YT.

That was very cool.
Taylor and her friend Lara are very talented. I've been subscribed to them for a while now. I would have posted this back on May 30th or so (and many other Whedony things), but I can't post anything, I can only do comments :(

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You should've been able to post links after May 16th, Ktara. I just checked the 'about' page and theres only a 4 day window.
I see there's a Post Story link up there now. I wonder how long that's been there, staring at me...
Maybe Joss will see this and give Taylor Davis a chance to record a version of it for the sequel.
I love that the top comment for the video is:

"This cover, i like it. ANOTHER!"

Definitely loved this rendition HARD....certainly would be great for a "quiet moment" scene in the sequel of the team together but not doing something cray-zay!
Yeah, this kicks butt. I'm a huge sucker for violin (I'm taking violin lessons at the moment) and I love this theme, so I'm obviously in love with this. She does such a fantastic job. I'm so sad, I've memorized this theme haha
This was great! Thanks for sharing!

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