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July 05 2012

Hopes For Captain America. After seeing Joss Whedon's work on The Avengers, Captain America 2 could definitely use his touch.

Honestly, in my dream world, Joss would write all of the sequels AND Avengers 2. Cause honestly, the Marvel bar has been set so high, how can any of the sequels come close? Plus, the villain in Avengers was amazing, which is why I think the casting for the villains in the sequels has been stellar. But how can any villain seem like a threat now? What I loved about Loki is not only is he powerful, being a God and all that jazz, but he had an army AND he affected one of the Aveners really personally. It's gonna be interesting to see how on earth they're going to write these villains/threats that can compete with that.
This blog seems to (very confusingly) assume Joss is going to have material input on the script or direction of Cap 2. I don't understand where they got that. The film already has writers and directors.
"And I hope that the writers have Joss Whedon on speed dial."

I think they know the film already has writers :)
dude how can they not ask joss what he would do after the avengers broke box office records the way i see it joss has done the impossible he showed how to make great superhero movie
I would hope that, given the long history between Joss and Marvel and the recent massive success of the pairing that they do in fact keep him in the loop on upcoming Marvel properties, especially if we get that snazzy announcement that he's signed on for Avengers 2 soon. That said, Joss is busy, Feige knows what he's doing, I wouldn't expect a whole lot of involvement from Joss on this or the other individual sequels.
Frankly, as amazing as Avengers was, I think Marvel is doing pretty well without Joss too. Iron Man 1 was a whole lotta fun, Thor was outstanding, Captain America was pretty good too... they're not perfect films, but I think Feige and his team have shown that they've got an eye for talent, and I trust whoever they pick to handle these movies.

Not that more Joss would be BAD, of course...
hallow - as said before would you mind using capital letters and full stops. It would make your posts a lot easier to read.
This piece is mega true. Cap is a hard character to make interesting, even in a solo movie. And Joss got it done when Cap was sharing screen time with five other lead characters. The Cap sequel needs more of the troubled hero that we glimpsed in Avengers -- the more troubled, the better. So Joss Whedon does indeed need to be on "speed dial," since he's really the only guy I know that can balance the darkness and the fun without losing sight of either. Plus, he'll need to be involved in all these movies anyway to make sure that the characters are where they need to be when he comes back to write and direct Avengers 2.

I agree that all the lead-in marvel movies were fairly decent, but it's hard to maintain quality in a franchise of this size. I think the best way to do this is to stick with Joss's vision.

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Needs to be said Joss had a hand in the Captain script too. I think Joss can easily oversee some of these - not in a big way, but he seemingly does uncredited script bits when when possible anyway.
I would love to see Joss involved in more Marvel movies too, but I would rather see him focus on his own projects for awhile (like Dr. Horrible 2).
I think we would all love to see Joss write/direct all movies ever but the assumption that he is going to be intimately involved in all future Avengers related Marvel movies might set people up for disappointment. And be completely wrong. That was the point I was trying to make anyway.
Not that Joss has to write the script, but even if he is just consulting, he has shown the ability to cut to the heart of the matter, to point out what is really important when exploring the character. (That's part of the reason his Hulk resonated more with audiences than the previous two versions.)
I hope he script-docs it, like he did Cap1.

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