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July 05 2012

Off-Site NerdHQ to host Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon events during SDCC. Conversations for a Cause this year include Nathan Fillion at 4:30 PM on Friday, and Joss Whedon at 3:00 PM on Saturday. Tickets go on sale Friday morning, July 6 at 9:00 AM PDT.

To clarify: so you don't actually need to be attending SDCC to go to this, right?
I love the NerdHQ! Their last year's livestream was amazing. I actually felt I was there! It's silly, but that the closest I'm gonna get from Argentina.

I'm really excited about this year's panels!
This is fairly awesome, thanks for posting! This could supplant what I don't get into or if my feet give out on Friday (pulled Achilles tendon trying to heal). Does anyone remember how much these tickets usually run? (b!X?)

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I had to ask that question on Twitter myself the other day. Everyone seems to say they were like $20.
$20 per panel. Some will be followed by a signing, others won't.
Where are they located?
Does anyone know if that page/link for this topic become "alive" before 9am or is there another page in which you buy these tickets? Nothing there is clickable.
It's not clear. Mainly they are saying they will tweet the URL at 8:59AM PDT.
I totally forgot I was following them from last year! Thanks for that info. I'd be at the page, helplessly clicking away (where is it? why I am so stoopid?)
Oof, this is gonna be a doozy. Connection timing out, heh. I guess it's to be expected.
I have a receipt and transaction confirmation for purchasing a seat to Joss' conversation. But I have no seat number or QR code in either of them, so I'm confused.
I'm in the same boat, b!X. I have two separate emails - a receipt and a transaction confirmation with all of my information on, but no seat number on either email.
Great, 2nd year in a row I haven't been able to purchase tickets. I'm going into a work meeting at 10am. Good luck me if they get it fixed in time.
Yeah, I suspect the email with QR codes is going to come later, especially since they've now closed ticketing (temporarily). But they've taken $60 from my PayPal, so I'm assuming I'm good to go...

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Tonya, I've got someone on Twitter with extras for Nathan's and Joss'. Check your mentions there.
Awesome. I have tickets if everything goes through on his end. Thank you so much.
Meanwhile, that first flurry of tickets apparently have not included the QR code they say is our actual ticket, and no indication of seat numbers. So far, they've not tweeted any plan for how that's going to be addressed.
I'm starting to get a li'l antsy about this whole thing. Seems like they greatly underestimate the volume of customers for this thing (which is kinda weird, because they have several major 'gets' and it's Comic-Con weekend... what'd they think would happen?).
There were issues last year, too. And it seems like rather than simply finding a way to scale up what they had last year, they've added this whole QR code thing, which only added another level of tech that needed to function properly at the levels of traffic they were going to have, and was, therefore, basically untested.
And still I have no QR code. Hoping that since you got yours, bix, mine is soon to follow...
My QR codes and seat numbers just this minute came through. That was a mildly terrifying wait .
I got mine a bit ago. Seat 138.
Tickets are going back on sale tomorrow, and I still haven't received mine (and I'm seeing a couple other folks also haven't). :\
Yeah, they need to tweet about that.
So Joss and Nate sold out according to the site, but they had stopped sales so I don't get it. Hope that guy's tickets came through; otherwise, I don't get to go.
Apparently people who didn't get emails yesterday should be getting them today.
For those waiting to hear, TNM just tweeted they are sending out more emails to confirm.
Just received a very comforting email from TNM saying that regardless of if I get my QR code/ticket, my seats have been purchased and I'll be allowed into the event. So, that's nice to hear.

Saw some people who bought tickets for Nathan were just told that the show was oversold, though, and that they would just be refunded. That's a bummer :(
Edited b/c I found my answer...

Where: Nerd HQ, 344 7th Ave., San Diego, CA

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