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July 05 2012

Summer Glau to return to "Alphas". She will guest in three episodes during Season 2.

Wish they would put her on it permanently or maybe create a spin off for her. :)
Glad to hear this - it's a great part for her (she gets to be a grown-up) and it's a good character.
Loved loved loved that character.
Just what they needed to do to make me tune back in!
I am pleasantly surprised to hear this as I had liked the show a lot and was under the impression that it had been cancelled.
I was hoping (but doubting) that she would appear in one episode this season, but three is beyond my expectations! Awesome!
Why couldn't it be Warehouse? Or Haven? Or something else, well, watchable? Alphas reminds me very distinctly of the bad ole days on Sci-Fi of really terrible shows like Painkiller Jane.
No wonder Summer is coming back in Alphas after the open ending of her episode in season 1.

But a three episode arc wasn't expected, this is great news!
I miss Painkiller Jane. Quite enjoyed that show.
I enjoy Alphas and Glau's ep was a favorite. This is great news.
guess I finally gotta start watching Alphas then ... :)
I tried to watch this when it started, and found it annoying (I think I got through the first episode). Do y'all think it improved after the pilot? 'Cause if so, I'll totally give it another chance; but if the pilot is a pretty good indicator of what the show is like in general, I think it's just not my cup of tea.

Either way, though I am happy for the Alphas fans! Summer makes everything better. :-)
I love Alphas. It's a very interesting, down-to-Earth twist on the people-with-powers genre. I do think it gets better from the pilot - remember that the pilot is about recruiting the new team member, so all following episodes have a different team dynamic.

Also, without spoiling anything, S2 will likely be VERY different due to the gamechanging S1 finale. Can't wait to see Summer return.
I would also agree that Alphas changed tremendously during the course of the series, becoming more of an ensemble piece than implied by the pilot's focus on Cameron and, honestly, mining its similarities with X-Men to a greater depth and for good reasons (I won't say much more given how many people here say they haven't seen the show or gave up on it).

The episode with Summar Glau as Skylar last season was one of the best, and pivotal to the narrative direction of the series and to the evolution of Dr. Rosen's (David Strathairn) character in particular. I am encouraged that they are bringing Skylar back for multiple episodes, not only to see Summer Glau on TV again, but also because it suggests that the creators know what made the first season good.
First of all, Painkiller Jane ftw! (yeah, the writing sucked, but the casting was awesome!)

To all those who haven't been keeping up with Alphas during the past year I'd highly recommend checking it out. I'm not going to say it's the greatest thing ever broadcast, but the writing is generally solid and the casting/acting is good to absolutely fantastic (which imo is what it's all about in the end.) If I had to describe the show overall I'd say it's the first (and only) successful live action Pragmatic Adaptation of X-Men - all points in it's favor.

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