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July 06 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse October first look: Angel & Faith #15, Buffy S9 vol 2. Solicitation for Angel & Faith #15 as well, gorgeous Jo Chen covers for Buffy S8 Library Edition No 3 and Buffy S9 On Your Own.

About time those two met again! Should be an interesting discussion.
The Ziggy Stardust A&F#15 variant cover is brilliant! Love it.
I'm not gonna lie, that Jo Chen cover on the second trade of Buffy Season 9 is going to make me buy it....
Those are some really good covers, love the one for Season 9.
Gorgeous covers, all of them.

I'm a bit behind on the Angel & Faith series. Is that supposed to be Buffy that Angel is dancing with on the Morris cover?
Great covers and yeah,I think that is Buffy that Angel is dancing with on the cover.Since it looks like this issue is going to address Twilight and reveal Whistler's agenda,it makes sense.

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I love the Morris cover. I doubt it's literal (i.e. Buffy and Angel seeing each other again in the actual issue) but maybe there will be some flashbacks.
Jo Chen never fails to impress. Both covers are great, but that S9 cover is GORGEOUS.
Yeah, I can't get over that Jo Chen S9 cover. She's created a real, complex emotional moment between the characters, while nailing the actor likenesses as always. What a rock star talent she is.
This isn't the first look of the vol 3 library edition is it?
It popped up on first.
Some info from Christos Gage On twitter.

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Thanks for that info Buffyfantic. I wonder does the title of the issue refer to Whistler?
I'm obsessed with the Steve Morris A&F cover. Wow... How beautiful/symbolic does that look?! Kudos!

And Rebekah and Jo rock it like always. It's awesome that we have such great artists that work on the Buffyverse.
Gorgeous covers, I am especially fond of the Buffy/Angel and Whitsler cover. Can't wait to see Buffy show up in flash backs.
As a rough-hewn man i'm not afraid to say this, I really want Jo Chen to draw me... ye know, like one of her French girls..

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