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July 06 2012

Adam Baldwin in web series Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes Pt1. Cosplay creatures run amok and terrorize a trailer park outside of San Diego during Comic-Con International.

Can our heroes save the day (and themselves) or will they get eaten alive by a nightmare menagerie of bad guys? Starring Zac Levi, Adam Baldwin, Joel Moore, Jason Biggs, and Aly Michalka. Stay tuned for new episodes leading up to Nerd Machine HQ live from San Diego 7-12-7/15.
Also, Nathan Fillion tweeted, he wants in on this. Thumbs up to that.

At the end, is linking to Part 3, which doesn't exist yet, so, broken. Here's Part 2 link,

And Nerd Machine HQ -
Ha ha! I love unexpected web thingies! :D
LOL, this is fun :) And there's a Kaylee 3rd from the left in Part 1 :)
I saw doctors, potters, trekkies, warsies, even avengies. Did anyone else want Adam to pull out Vera?

Also that girl looked like Buffy.
These are great fun, I spotted a Jayne in part 2, 23 seconds in, yellow t-shirt and cunning cap. Also, was that a buymore nerd-herder Zac's character shot?

back in early June Zac tweeted a couple of pictures from the set.

Picture 1
and this one: may (hopefully) contain spoilers :)
Picture 2

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