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July 06 2012

Tickets go on sale for the Eliza Dushku/Joss Whedon cocktail meet-and-greet. It'll set you back $300 (late bird) or $200 (early bird) a ticket plus fee. All of the ticket sales will be donated will be donated to Thrive Gulu (a not-for-profit organization that is building and operating a trauma healing and reflection center in Gulu, northern Uganda).

Huh! I sure can't afford it, but that's not bad at all.
Yes I was guessing $500-800.
The early bird ticket is $200 plus fee.
That seems VERY reasonable! However, I like the earlybird price a lot more than the late-bird price...anyone know the difference? And now that I clicked the link again, it says, "pending" for the early bird option...maybe they're just working out the kinks. I wonder how many people will be allowed in.

This seems like a great cause!
The early bird option wasn't there when I posted the link so thanks for the update.
If I still lived in Northern California then I would totally go to this (and feel very lucky to pay that), but flying out there isn't an option. I hope to read some reports from those who get to go!
Everything happens in California. That is a price I would pay though to meet and greet Joss.
it does seem that every thing fun happens there doesnt it
Well, you know, it's where most of these people live. ;)
FWIW, I just received an e-receipt with a QR code. I am 138 out of, I think, 225 for Joss' session.
I'm moving to L.A. in about a week.... I could just go on a bus to San Fran....hmm...
I live in S.F. but I think I'm going to pass... not just the cost, but I've met Joss once, and I was a complete and totally silent mess. It's hard meeting one's idols!
Wow thats pretty cheap considering how much it usually costs to meet a celeb. Too bad I don't live in California.
I know its a good cause and all but its $200 each to be in a room with 224 other people 'meeting' Joss Whedon and its just an hour in duration....thats 16 seconds each!

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