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July 06 2012

Joss Whedon speaks out on Firefly anniversary panel. Speaking to Geoff Boucher of the LA Times, Joss expresses his excitement about next week's event at San Diego Comic-Con.

No matter how many years pass, I'll never forget 'Firebug.' I can't wait to sit once more with Washboard, KayMart, Rivet, the Hot Hooker from Homeland and Captain Kirk. Those guys are my family. Expect laughter, tears, faith-healing and Internet rumors about a sequel. To infinity, and prosper!

Love the way Joss doest not take all that too seriously (or doesn't SEEM to); just like when he placed a bid for the Terminator rights.
Watching those panels that happened thousands of miles away a few days later on YouTube is like getting a little Whedon-y Christmas gift halfway through the year. :)
Actually, when you analyze that message further, Joss is arguing that Nathan Fillion would have made a better Captain Kirk because he's more Canadian than William Shatner, or maybe Leonard Nimoy should have been the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Or I'm just outta my mind!
Anyway, we're celebrating the heck out of those Big Damn Heroes, so get ready, guys. It's only a week away!
KayMart is what Kaylee calls the mechanic/medic shop she co-owns and operates with Simon when they get married. /headcanon
Also, Rivet makes my mind immediately go to "token talking animal character." Wonder how Summer would approach that role ... :P
I cannot WAIT to go to this panel!!! Wooo hooo
Joss said sequel! Tell all your friends there is going to be a Firefly sequel! And obviously he is trying to tell us it is going to be a Star Trek crossover with Captain Kirk. :)
Firebug. I'll never forget.

I expect streaming of the panel
Frack. . .the ONE stinking year I can't make ComicCon.
Man. . .
Firebug. I'll never forget.

I expect streaming of the panel

Ditto that for me!
There's rarely streaming of any panel, given the crappy network connectivity at Comic-Con. Assume there will be YouTube after. And further assume footage will be included in December's anniversary special.
BTW, tangentially related: if you're in San Diego on Wednesday, consider RSVP'ing to our annual dinner.
But will one of you try and tweet? Or will the tiny messages not escape the SDCC digital vacuum?
Tweeting will happen. In fact, Science Channel themselves will be live tweeting from @ScienceAt. And I'll do what I can from @Firefly10th while also taking pictures.

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Thanks b!X, I'm following those twitter feeds now, anticipating next week (when I'll be feeling very sorry for myself).
Ah, Firebug, I knew ye when.... (sigh).
Thanks for the tip about Science Channel, b!X. I wasn't following them before.
I'm gonna have live tweets from every Whedonverse panel as well :) if you guys wanna follow, follow my twitter account @lisatwingomez
Expect pics, tweets and news :) I plan on attending every Whedony panel/event as humanly possible
Joss's joke-to-word ratio is almost approaching Douglas Adams levels.
Ditto here on the live tweet-a-rama for Whedonversy panels. Will be a race to see whose fingers can successfully transcribe and transmit the clever quippage the fastest. I predict twitter-overload come Friday. Hope the Wifi holds out (and the fail whale stays away!)
To infinity, and prosper!

If there ever was a logo that needed to be on a t-shirt.
About "To infinity... and prosper!" do we know whether Joss came up with Buzz's real catch phrase in Toy Story, as part of his writing contribution? Now that I think about it, even the original phrase sounds really Jossian and tongue-in-cheek since ya can't really go BEYOND infinity!
Ah, good info on the twittermania. I'll be watching, I mean reading.

Please tweet safely. No one should risk carpal tunnel syndrome for the sake of those of us following. Hmm, on second thought future surgeries are a small price to pay,...
Congratulations, my Captain! :D
This so makes me want to go to ComiCon.
The Hot Hooker from Homeland.. oh how do I love Joss
How can I get that Joss Whedon action figure?
Buy a copy of the Comic-Con movie Joss, Morgan Spurlock and Stan Lee did?

Yeah, Squishy, the Joss action figure is a ToysRUs exclusive, they'll be selling them at their booth (figure & DVD together for $30) at SDCC, and I understand they'll also have them at your local ToysRUS (I hope that is true, it is where I'll be seeking it out).

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Joss Whedon is getting us to look at our own desires and longings in a short and inspired paragraph; such a brilliant writer!
I like the outfit on the figure but the face is Albert Brooks, an older Albert Brooks. I'll wait for something more lifelike.

ETA: Actually, I want the Joss figure I buy to be wearing the famous salmon/pink and white jersey shirt!

[ edited by Tonya J on 2012-07-09 01:13 ]
Actually, I want the Joss figure I buy to be wearing the famous salmon/pink and white jersey shirt!
Well TonyaJ, I will take what I can get (I was going to buy the DVD anyway); I already own the Lexigeek pin (Joss directing Serenity). So although I agree that Joss directing in pink and gray would be the ideal, I am just happy to have a Whedon action figure! Er... assuming I can get my hands on that action figure! (*knock on wood*)

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Er, pink and gray, that's it. Sorry, I haven't seen it in awhile.
"Rivet" made me think "Terminator"!

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