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July 07 2012

Henry IV, Part 1 premieres tonight on BBC Two. With Jeremy Irons as Henry IV, Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal, and Simon Russell Beale as Falstaff. Trailer at the link.

Also warmly recommend Richard II, which aired last week and was the equivalent of stabbing the TV with an adrenalin shot. Insanely good stuff, my eyes grew two sizes watching it.

Can't wait and I heartily second that rec for Richard II - which was stunning.
Ben Whishaw absolutely NAILED it as Richard II. I've loved him for years, and still, he shocked me with how good he was.

But I'm shaking with anticipation over Henry IV. To see Tom Hiddleston perform Shakespeare? Dream come true.
To see Tom Hiddleston perform Shakespeare? Dream come true.

I know - but Joss beat us to it when Tom Hiddleston was Cassio in Chiwetel Ejiofor's Othello back in 2008. Small world huh? Perhaps he'll ask Tom to be in his next Shakespeare production.
I can't wait to see this!!! 15 more minutes!!!

Tom really is an amazing actor, and I can't wait to hear him tackle the Shakespearean language! I know he'll nail it!!!
It all seems very jolly so far. I watched a bit of Joseph Paterson in Julius Caesar the other week, it looked very good.
I've never got Whishaw, but he was fantastic in RII last week.

Saw the first 20 mins of HIV tonight and Hidders looked cool.

I say the BBC/Mendes should get Joss to make The Taming of the Shrew with Acker and Fillion.
If nothing else, BBC absolutely need to grab the Much Ado uk tv rights.
We don't get BBC2, or I would be DVR-ing this in a heartbeat. And after watching the preview I am very bummed we do not. Tom Hiddleston! Grr Argh!
Whoa, this one caught me off guard. Dang, I'm always trying to catch up!
For those of us Stateside, PBS will be showing The Divine Right series (Richard II; Henry IV, Parts I & II; and Henry V) as part of their Great Performances series "next season". No air date as of yet from PBS, but their new season begins in September (although I think I read somewhere that we may have to wait until early 2013 for this series).
This link has them as part of the 11/12 season.

But they've also spelt Whishaw incorrectly so who knows?
I've seen a DVD release date for The Hollow Crown this autumn but can't remember when exactly. Perhaps I'll search out the actual information.

Probably same time as Avenger & Cabin so the old credit card going to hit.

ETA : 1st October around 18.99 :D

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Perhaps you shall. Old gods die hard.

Actually, we're pretty hard to kill.
I so long to see it ... don't get BBC2 :,-(
He was absolutely amazing as Prince Hal. I can only imagine how fantastic his transformation into a king will be in Henry V. If he steers his career right, and I think he is, he will undoubtedly win some prestigious award in this decade.
ZodKneelsFirst said:

Saw the first 20 mins of HIV tonight and Hidders looked cool.

Maybe not the best abbreviation of Henry IV I've ever seen.
No. I only noticed it afterwards, and what could I do?
Saw Richard II which was brilliant but can't find HIV. Any ideas where we can find it stateside?
I've never seen anyone do Richard II, both parts of Henry IV, and Henry V all as one, continuous narrative. That's grand -- and I'd love to see them, once they reach the States. Hiddleston looks great in the clips I've seen.

If only Henry VI were shorter and better, then it would be worth it for someone to go all-in and do the entire epic, from Richard II to Richard III.
No worries, ZodKneelsFirst. Didn't think you did it on purpose. Merely pointing it out for the future. Granted that didn't stop Dietcoke. ;)
Oh I know. And I know I could have edited it too, but it seemed meant to be.
Dietcoke, if you wait a couple of days I expect you'll find it in the same place as you found RII :).

It's not quite as good though. Hidders is good and I'm looking forward to HV, but RII was much better.
I blame the writer.

Probably off topic, I can heartily recommend the RSC's production of Julius Caesar with an all black cast that was shown here a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic stuff.

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