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July 08 2012

Jeremy Renner interviewed by Esquire magazine for their August 2012 issue. He is also featured on the cover.

Wow, what a profound and inspiring interview...

Especially since I'm moving to California next week.

Jeremy really came into my attention when he was in one of my favorite movies: "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford", and has seen his rapid progress since. Good for him :D
I am liking him more and more :)
I really liked this article, as well, and I had no idea about his other life off-screen. My first awareness of him was via Angel, but then I saw him in Hurt Locker and The Town, and now he's one of my favorite actors. I was so happy Joss put him in Avengers, and I look forward to August for his Bourne lead role.
That was a really amazing story.

I wish 28 weeks Later could've got a mention. He was the best part of that movie(other than the zombies of course) I've yet to see Renner in a film where I didn't like his acting although I do think he's getting typecasted as the "soldier" type.

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I loved that. What an interesting person. It's so sad how fame brings out the crazies so that people have to seclude themselves to get some privacy and safety.
He's always struck me as a very thoughtful, smart and courteous actor. I saw him in "Dahmer" - he was extraordinary (and brave to do it).
Its weird I just saw the movie Ted in theathers yesterday and Jeremy's story about the creepy stalker .
They also missed The Unusuals with Amber Tamblyn & other good cast. That's where I found him.
Much too short at 10 eps.:
The first time I saw Jeremy Renner was in Dahmer, and he was amazing then. It's awesome that his career has turned out the way it has. It's even more awesome that he hasn't pigeonholed himself into acting alone. He seemed just as excited about renovating houses as he was about the roles he played.
I didn't recognize him for an instant from his episode on Angel.
I am also disappointed that they didn't mention "The Unusuals" since that's how I first discovered him. But it was such a facinating look into who he is as a person!

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