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July 08 2012

Calling all Browncoats: vote for the coolest fictional spacecraft! A poll at

I can't get this to load on my phone. I take it it's a poll?
It's a Flash widget with a sports-like bracket competition.
Serenity is at 57% as of my post :)
Sunfire I had a hard time getting it to load on my desktop computer (with my incredibly slow lousy internet connection), but finally I could vote and definitely Serenity is ahead. Actually I'm surprised that it is up against the Galactica, who would have preferred that old bucket to the TARDIS!?
I think people prefer workhorse spaceships to magic boxes, in the end.
I agree, I can't believe the BSG actually beat out the TARDIS (?!?), but it does mean I can vote for Serenity without even the 15 seconds of agonized indecision I would have had to go through sending it up against the TARDIS.
It's "Serenity," not "The Serenity!"
I'm not going to vote since I love both Galactica and Serenity and could never choose between the two. Sorry guys!
... they left out the Millenium Falcon. It wasn't ever in the competition at all.

That's just wrong.
Ah b!X, I was about to say "Dark Star". How do you talk down a homicidely defective bomb programmed to destory everything?
totally firefly and kirk's u.s.s enterprise
I felt like aroomacanvas, too, but still voted. Doesn't matter--looks like "the" Serenity is going to win. b!x, are you referring to Galactica as a magic box? Because of the FTL jumps? Because I felt it was otherwise believable, all else considered.
The tardis has a pool... how could it beaten! makes my decision easier though.
I was referring to the TARDIS as a magic box, answering the preceding comment.
Yeah, I'm with you Jamzro: TARDIS has a pool, a library, and lots of costumy clothes! I think TARDIS would be huge fun, almost as fun as Serenity (which is where I would like to live forever). I admire those who suffered through living on Galactica, but it did NOT look like fun!
No Falcon invalidates the entire premise, to be honest.
This whole thing just made me realize how much I miss having something to watch with, you know, actual starships in it (okay while technically a starship, I'm not really including the TARDIS here - I'd prefer something that goes swooosh(R) and pew-pew(TM) more often; extra points for style if it includes actual chemical thrusters with actual flames - you never know when they might come in handy for some pseudo-pterodactyl-stew after sunset)...

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