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July 09 2012

(SPOILER) Cover art for Jane Espenson & Drew Z. Greenberg's Buffy Season 9 story. That would be issue 14 which is out in October (Georges Jeanty's variant cover can be found here). The cover art and info for Spike #3 , which is also out that month, can be found here and here.

The cover art and info for Angel & Faith #15 can be found in this thread.

Anybody else got a feeling that Buffy herself won't be in Jane's arc - or at least not in #14 ? I got a feeling it is a standalone arc about that 'other' Slayer and Watcher pair - who maybe the new gay characters as well. Buffy might be present as a poster in the background - like in the Chain issue.
These covers kick butt!! I'm a huge fan of Espenson's work, so I am really looking forward to this two issue arc. And a potential gay character? About time!!

Also, I am so interested in that girl character that is on one of the Spike covers... Man, this is getting me excited for Season 9 all over again :) just in time for SDCC
There' a Grr Argh graffiti in that Sunnydale crater
I love the Buffy propaganda poster motif. And Espenson/Greenberg writing in general. Happy to see all are returning.
Anybody else got a feeling that Buffy herself won't be in Jane's arc

Well none of the other characters are in the book that much anymore, so I guess not having Buffy in it is the next logical step. ;)

Nice covers, but Karl Moline on interiors again? I like his work (sometimes) but I wish they would get some new artists for these fill ins.
I wonder if Pearl & Nash are the duo appearing in Spike?
That would be AWESOME if Pearl and Nash were the duo!!!

If not them, what other duos in the Buffyverse are there???
You gots to love that Jane girl!
Jenny Frison is just awesome.

And anca, are you being literal? Where did you see a crater?
Pretty sure they are in the (place beneath the?) church beneath Sunnydale where the Seed was destroyed.
The question I have is if the duo is familiar to Spike or familiar to us? Pearl and Nash seems the most logical, but I don't think Spike would have any idea who they are.
Maybe someone on this list?
heh, "From Once Upon a Time writer Jane Espenson." Yeah, that's where Buffy fans know her from.
@archon-I'm guessing the already know they've got Buffy fans attention and they are trying to get other people to read.
Sorta trying to understand the need for the exclamation point in this part of the blurb:

* First issue in a two-part arc!

So, it is the first issue of 2? Wow! That's exciting! :-) I think I do not understand comic marketing at all...
Covers look great and the solicitations sounds interesting.I also wonder if Buffy herself is in Jane's arc.
@CaptainB Well it was easier for me to type crater than the room where the seed was broken, sorry.

As for the familiar pair, for me it would made much more sense if it will be Harmony and Clem than Perl and Nash
I love Jane's work and I don't mind if Buffy is not in the two part-er about the male slayer. I think it'll turn out great. In fact, if he was inspired by Buffy, it will be a call back to the old days when Buffy was a symbol of strength and empowerment. I never grow tired of Buffy inspiring such things in others. Normally it's women, but this time it's a man, and that makes my heart warm.


I'm extremely apprehensive about Spike dabbling in I'm going to hold back before I invest.

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It turns out that by virtue of becoming the 'most evolved' character Spike (at least in the eyes of some of his fans )has also became the most 'sacred cow' of the verse, immune to any calamity, inadvertent setback, or (gasp) further evolution. RIP Spike the character.
I'm very excited for Jane's two-parter! And I love Karl's art, so yay. Glad to see him back for a bit. And I'm assuming that the story will focus on that gay male character, and that that's him on the second cover? If so, I'm stoked! He looks cool, and I'm curious to see how his story of being a 'male slayer' will unfold and how he'll meet up with the rest of the cast, etc. I mean, assuming he'll meet up with them, since it's been said he'll have eyes for Andrew, apparently.

As for Spike, nothing has really made me too interested in this mini. I mean, I love Spike, he's one of my favorites, but I just am 'meh' so far about the story and such. It doesn't seem like a story that needed to be told. It seems like they just wanted to do a miniseries with Spike, and so they wrote him out of the main series for a bit so they could do that. It may be great, and I'm sure gonna try it, but I'm not too "I must get that!" yet.
Ah, soulless vamps aren't so bad. Well, except for the fact they're soulless. Did I really just say that?
Are we really all freaking out over a vague solicitation summary? I say we reserve judgement/opinions til we read the Spike mini.....
@Madhatter In Harmony's words they'll just have to try harder
Actually, think our littl' Harm is a vamp herself. Girl hasn't aged a day in 10 years. Something supernatural there;)
EDIT: If she still looks the the same maybe she can reprise her role as Harmony.

I'm not sure who will be showing up in Spike's mini. Could be Dracula and his new butt monkey.

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Still wondering why Spike is back in Sunny D. It seems there will never be a season that does not feature Sunnydale. I just hope they do something interesting with the location this time around because it seemed almost shoehorned into the end of S8. They can still build on the story of this place, even if it is a crater. Really interested in who this duo might be. High hopes for the Spike series!
A month ago Allie said in Q&As that "Spike's mini is very isolated, very much it's own thing. A bare minimum interaction with other Season 9 characters." Does his statement exclude Pearl and Nash? And if the girl on the cover is supposed to be somebody we know, then she can be Amy who has feminine curves, chestnut hair and brown eyes. And her partner will be resurrected (again!) Warren.
What if the duo was Dru and Darla? I don't really think that but I wish it. Lilah and Lindsey?
I'm not really seeing Amy there, but I have been wrong before.
Dabbling in villainy. I have no idea what that could mean. Seems odd.
I have been really optimistic about this mini, crossing my fingers.
Villainy suggests to me swashbuckling thievery ala Firefly but I could be wrong.
I could see Amy coming back into play, trying to restore magic for her own evil-ish reasons, not like anyone would really take her seriously anymore. At this point I can't see how she hasn't completely lost her mind (again.)

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