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July 10 2012

The Avengers in fifteen minutes. Ish. A rather entertaining summary of the film. Here be profanity.

A Scene That Must Have Happened

J.A.R.V.I.S.: Sir, are you certain we need to add a bracelet-based window-jumping functionality that allows you to don the newest iteration of the Iron Suit while you are in freefall? This seems like a highly specific yet unlikely scenario.

TONY: You are really underestimating the number of people who want to throw me out windows, Jarvis.

J.A.R.V.I.S.: Touché, sir.

awesome! new m15m!! off to read!
So wonderful. Btw, thegramma radiation thing, anyone think that could be how Barton c/o found the ship? I figured Loki simply had a tracking device or something.

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So tell me about "Ish".
@Skytteflickan88: If I remember correctly, one of the screens in the Quinjet had an image of the scepter on it. I'm guessing they tracked it somehow.
I must learn about this ancient art of chairtitsu
Best explanation of the Chitauri I've seen yet.

"THOR: All thirty-nine discs?"
Anyone else who thought "The Chosen collection is better, it has 40 discs!"

@walkdogger, that seems likely.
I laughed so hard at this! :D Thanks for the link.
Looooooving it! Hysterical.
Skytteflickan88, I thought that too.
Ah, I needed that laugh.

COULSON: Don't forget your foot fetish. :D

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