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July 10 2012

(SPOILER) First look at Buffy Season 9: Spike #1. Entertainment Weekly has a four page preview of the spinoff mini-series.

Art looks good.Looks like the bugs are staging a mutiny to get Spike out of his funk.They are also really playing up the dark place subtitle here
Wow, this seems great. As far as the preview goes, the art is awesome and Victor nails Spike's voice. I'm really anticipating this mini series.
I love the cheery little cutout sun!
I love it. The bugs are making him a solarium he can sit in! Elizabeth was the one who got uppity in Jane's book. And poor Sebastian's arm is in a cast from the battle with Simone.

But I'm still in mourning for Irene...
Ha, ha. So the bugs will kick out Spike right in the Sunnydale crater?
What struck me first was the brownish color of Spike's eyes. Did they screw that up again?

ETA: This oversight is particularly strange, since they got the color right on the Frison and Morris covers.

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It seems like his eyes are yellow? Maybe the alcohol brings out his demon eyes. :P
I'm finding Spike's eye colour rather jarring on these pages too, although overall, I quite like the art. It's good that Sebastian survived his encounter with Simone. I'm finding the bug's interest in Spike's welfare endearing.
Eye colour is truly weird, particularly given it is one of his signature features. Next issue - a denim duster!
Who colors the issues? I hope they'll fix it, haven't the editors noticed the error?
I imagine Spike's eye color is relatively easy to fix digitally. Probably too late for the printed copies since the series is debuting in August. Maybe they'll fix it in later prints?

without_passion, the colors don't seem to be quite as saturated as in the Buffy books. If I had enough drinks and squinted some, the yellowy demon eyes could work. :p For one issue only.

I really hope someone brings it to the attention of the editors.
Scott Allie on Twitter: "We were going for a lighting thing but agree it didn't work, will change for printed version."
Thanks, Sunfire! Glad Allie addressed it.

Scott Allie's followup Tweet was pretty funny.
What kind of 'lighting thing' would make sense?
Other than the color I love the art, so I'm glad they are fixing. This looks good to me, I am decidedly optimistic.

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