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July 10 2012

Preorder Comic-Con Episode IV DVD with Joss Heroclix. I've spent a couple of weeks trying to track down preorders, it doesn't appear like Amazon will be getting this directly. Also found it here. It ships July 25th.

I was also able to pick up the Comic-Con dvd with the Joss Whedon action figure at my local Toys R US last friday. It was weird, they didn't have it in the DVD section. They had it in the comic book rack in the boy's section.
I called my local Toys R Us today to see if they had it, but they told me it didn't come out until next week. *sad face*
I bought mine this morning at ToysRUs (they only had 5, and that is the only store in Iowa!), but I understand you can order them online from ToysRUs (and they have a bunch for sale at their booth at SDCC). There seems to have been some confusion about whether it was to be sold today or after SDCC was over (luckily my store let me buy it today).

Amazon won't be getting the Joss ones at all, they'll have the Stan Lee packs.
Wow, I'm glad I pre ordered mine before I posted. Last one I was able to find here but it was $15 more
thanks A_Leaf, my toy shelves are super excited about the pending arrival of Joss. it's going to get all meta and stuff.
Wow, I should warn people (before they get soaked for an extra $15 over the ToysRUs price) that the figures are barely 3 inches tall... but very cute.
@embers, This is actually a different exclusive than the Toys R Us mini figure. The heroclix ones are about an inch and are on a dial. They are pieces to customizable board game. You get all four creators with this one.
One of the mods might wanna update these thread, since both Amazon and the other site linked are all out of the pre-orders :(
Oh thanks A_Leaf, I wasn't paying close enough attention (having a senior moment), sorry about that.
@embers lolz :)
It is now avaliable for purchase online at the Toys R Us website.

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