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July 10 2012

Christos Gage's Reddit chat. He answers some Angel & Faith questions. One answer is spoilerish for a future issue.

The spoiler tag doesn't hid text from our RSS feed so I'd removed your text as not to spoil anyone.
Ah,no problem.Sorry about that.
I'm glad that an origin for that character is coming. Should be interesting!
No freaking kidding - I was waiting for that origins story sinse S2. This is good news.

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I find a little disturbing the idea that Angel can make jokes about his actions as Twilight, but hey, new writers different view on characters.

I wish Mr Gage will stop bashing Buffy
I wish Mr Gage will stop bashing Buffy
Where does he do that?
Angel: "You ever tried finishing a sentence when Buffy's worked up?"

Signalling her with my eyes was funny because Angel joked on himself, but here I don't find it funny at all just blaming and bashing Buffy for his faults. And I can't believe that Angel is still defending his actions as Twilight

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That's a character making a remark. Doesn't mean the writer is bashing Buffy.
Maybe I missed it, but I couldn't tell. What character are we talking about?

Other than that, nice interview. Seems very honest and genuine.
The problem is that "Twilight" from season eight was a huge mess. The whole affair was vague; what Angel was trying to accomplish, why he was doing it, whether or not and to what extent he was under an outside influence while he was doing the things that he did.

There is a certain trend in modern genre fiction against the idea of an information dump. "Lost" was a perfect example of this, where we have all of these strange things going on that propel the plot forward, but most of it is left vague and unexplained and the writers fall back on the "it was always about the characters" idea.

The way Twilight played out in the pages of season eight, Angel was either an idiot or a monster. It's difficult to generate much sympathy for him when we don't know why he was doing the things he was doing.

It would appear that Gage is trying to do some damage control in A&F; the comment about trying to finish a sentence when Buffy's worked up references the events in a humorous way and attempts to mitigate Angel's culpability, and likewise, Nadira's quest for revenge references it in a more serious way.

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