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July 10 2012

QMX unveils a new Codex Figure. You can sign up for a waiting list now for this 1:6 scale figure available in Q3 this year.

Shouldn't her hair be redder? I know, I'm picky.
That is a stunning statue. Day as Codex could be another generation's Leia-in-a-gold-bikini. At least to net heads.
I kind of fail to see how this is Whedon related. Yeah, she's worked with him on at least three projects, but Codex isn't a Whedon character. I mean no offense, I just don't think it fits. Maybe if it were a Penny statue?
Jed Whedon was the composer of the music to Do You Want To Date My Avatar. That's a Whedon connection.
@The Goose-Isn't that for the mods to decide? Plus,if we were to follow those guidelines then wouldn't that mean that nothing is posted about any Whedonverse actor's projects that don't have to do with Joss?
@Jelly You're right in that it's up to the mods, and I am not one. Just expressing my confusion.

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