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July 11 2012

First look at the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled' collection. In related Avengers coverage, has the exclusive on a rather familar looking poster for the "Item 47" short.

It's a very cool looking set, the disks themselves don't occupy much space, but it's all those extra stuff that seem to take a lot of space.
The Marvel site has the design sleeves so I swapped the link over.
Ooooohhhhh gosh. I can't wait for this!
Has anyone read anything about the region-sensitivity of these disks?
That settles it. Keeping my pre-order. I wonder if the case really lights up like that? lol
Niels, I think Disney discs are region coded but I couldn't swear on it.
Thanks, Simon. I want this set badly, but it's a bit pricey to take the chance. (With DVD's I can get around that, but Blu-ray is still too strange and new to me.)
If I didn't own all the other movies already I'd totally get this.
Niels, there's really no risk to take. I'm Swedish and I've bought the set, confident that there's always some way around the region-codes. Because there always is. :)
Do we know if the UK version has the Joss commentary yet?
Yes we do.

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