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July 11 2012

Firefly Comic-Con Reunion TV special gets title/airdate. 'Browncoats Unite' will air on November 11th on The Science Channel.

Here's hoping it gets picked up by stations in other countries.
I'm trying to think who would pick it up in the UK. The Horror Channel is showing Firefly at the minute, but they seem to be cheap and careful so maybe not? Sky Arts would be more ideal.
Will we see videos from the Firefly panel, not this special of course, in the following days or will we have to wait November 2012?
Any chance the panel will end up on the internet anytime soon?
So those of us with no fancy TV stations are screwed ? Sadface. Hope it goes up online so I can download it.
Shit. I don't even know if I got the science channel or not. Time to call up Time Warner!
Their graphics still say December, however. Oops.
I know my cable provider doesn't carry the Science Channel (among many other things they don't have), so I'm bummed. I sure hope it's available somewhere else at some point.
Well if 20th had any sense, they'd reissue the DVDs for Xmas and include the special.
I'll be setting this one for recording on the DVR, though I do expect to see someone's phone recording of the panel online by next week on youtube.
I can't wait to see this! I'm cracking up that one of my favorite nerdiest political policy bloggers just posted that he's going to Comicon and is totally squeeing over the Firefly reunion panel.

Dan Drezner loves zombies and Firefly

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