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July 11 2012

Drew Goddard wrote new ending for 'World War Z'. He was brought on by Damon Lindelof.

Liking that Drew is becoming a name people have confidence in. And deservedly so!
Damon is also a Buffy fan if I'm not mistaken ^ Tried to do a spec script about Giles' origin story!
I really loved that book, but I'm concerned that they tried to create some kind of narrative with the interviewer for the film. I was hoping they'd treat it like a faux documentary and we'd get to see all the dozens of viewpoints from the subjects interviewed in the book.

Hopefully Drew Goddard can make this not suck.
Agreed with Saturn, they should have stuck with the format of the book (probably would have saved a fair amount of money in production costs too, although I'm sure the studios said "people won't show up for anything that looks like a documentary!" and the endless process of rewrites began). At least they've got a couple of writers I like trying to shore things up.
I think it's a shame they couldn't have done "World War Z" as a series, a la "The Walking Dead."
I agree, Shapenew, with each episode covering one vignette. I loved the book, and I'll see the movie, but I'm concerned it won't translate well.
So the script will be broken, full of plotABYSSES, awful dialogue and stupid people... but it'll have a good ending.
The book was such an original take on the Zombie Apocalypse, somewhat disappointed that it's going in a more generic route.

I agree with the other comments, that it would work well as a series. Each episode would be completely different short story. It would really open it up for some really creative story tellers, like Lindelof & Goddard.

Very hopeful that Goddard can pull it together.

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