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July 11 2012

Starz announces new project with Steven S. DeKnight. Incursion is an epic science fiction action-thriller that follows a squad of soldiers caught in a war against a hostile alien race.

So...Falling Skies, but with more military?

EDIT: Nope, won't be taking place on earth it looks like.

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Sounds more like Space: Above and Beyond. But I'm sure most series sound very similar to each other when synopsized. ;-) Anyway, I'm excited for both series mentioned in the article, as a fan of DeKnight and JMS (and of scifi and fantasy genres.) I've really enjoyed what I've seen of Spartacus, too. (Season 1 and the mini series).
Sounds like Spartacus in space. :p

But really, I'll probably check this out. Spartacus is not the best thing on television, but it does its own thing and it does it well.

I'm actually more interested in "Vlad Dracula". Since her husband is producing it, there's a good chance Lucy Lawless will be in it at some point.

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That sounds great. Love Steven S. DeKnight's work, love SF. Definitely shot up to the top of my most anticipated TV shows list!

The Vlad project sounds interesting, too.
Great to see he's found a home at Starz, I'll definitely check this out.
I want to be surprised so am not reading any details. Can DeKnight post here? I hope it's a bug race, sort of like Starship Troopers!
I'm really excited to see this! Congrats Steven!
Great news, finally some non-Earth set Sci-Fi and some more historical/fantastical Vampire stuff. Can't wait, especially with these names attached!
Hicks "It's a bug hunt"
Sounds exactly like Haldeman's 'The Forever War'.

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