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"Would the three of you please kick my ass?"
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July 11 2012

Firefly Reunion in Nerd Machine's Trailer Park Heroes, Pt. 3. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk join Adam Baldwin in the epic conclusion.

LOL, Love it! Always great to see the guys in anything together :)
wow, also Jason Biggs, Lindsy Fonseca, Tricia Helfer and Zac Levi? quite a handful of stars they've got there!
That was beautiful...
So, so funny! I just noticed that Tricia Helfer stepped over a dead Number Six. Alan is still the pilot, Nathan is Mal sitting on top of Serenity shooting at the Reaver ships. Nobody can do incredulous like Zachary Levi. It's just all kinds of perfect.
"We came as soon as we felt like it" - amazing
"You only texted one of us. I'm just saying..." So hard to type with tears of laughter streaming from my eyes. Imagine what these guys could do if you gave them a budget?
i absolutely loved this!! ha sooo epic, i agree with Brutus! why hasn't someone just wised up and offered these actors money to do with what they please so long as its televised?!

since this is the internet i worry some people may take me 100% seriously and give me a long list of reasons why my statement is un-realistic. I know. But i still wish it could happen!!!!

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