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July 11 2012

"Like A Joss" - a rap song. Vamp Slayer! Like a Joss! Browncoat! Like a Joss! An Avenger! Like a Joss!

Haha, pretty good, although the chorus wasn't too shiny... But maybe that's just because rap isn't my kind of genre.
Thanks for posting this link. I owe the curators a basket of kittens each.

Dude Meister, I totally feel where you're coming from. The chorus needs tweaking. This is a demo of sorts, the beat isn't even mine. Its sort of falling into that underdog DIY Browncoat mentality (or so I choose to tell myself) :D

Thanks though for even giving it a listen, stay shiny fellow Browncoat. No power in the verse can stop us.
"Underdog DIY Browncoat Mentality" - Sure, I can dig that. I still love the rest, and that's what'll keep it afloat, right? Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more/tweaks. :)
I'm totally going to use "like a Joss" in conversation. Kudos on the George R. R. Martin bit, too!
Ahh this led me onto this which I had never seen! awww everyone is so young!! I love this.
The vocals are way too loud, but unpolishedness aside, cute. Fun track.

I made this rap called Dollhouse, that was never posted around here: LINK.

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Oh I loved this! Browncoats are so creative.
GreatMuppetyOdin, I love your Dollhouse rap. You're good at that.
I think you guys should collabo on a Joss-centric song. GreatMuppityOdin, just downloaded your track and followed you on Soundcloud. Impressive. emceededdie-Great song as well, once you get the production down (read the YouTube comments) you'll be good to go.
Thanks for listening people!

I know the vocals are too loud and the song needs re-recording, I'm working on that, trying to be my best!
I'm working on remaking this to include on a 4 or 5 track ep to give away for free at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo in September.

@GreatMuppetyOdin Holy crap that was cool! Really love the Maurissa sample! You sort of sound like a rapper named Jesse Dangerously. Really dig it, man!

Feel free to follow me @EMCEEEDDIE on Twitter.
Thanks, man!
Oh, Jesse Dangerously, I forgot about that guy, but now that you mention it, I remember hearing a few of his tracks a couple years or so ago. From what I recall, he's quite good. I'll take that as a compliment.
You've been followed. I'm @VincentEL
Yeah, definitely a compliment (seeing as that guy has worked with several of my favorite rappers)

Dude! you made that Rev puppet application video for the ELoE! Badass!
Yeah, I suppose I did. :P
That puppet was tricky to put together.

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@GreatMuppetyOdin I really liked the sound of those samples from "Remains".
Since there seems to be a general musical sharing going on in these comments, I'll go ahead and link to my Dollhouse/Firefly music video for Regina Spektor's "Machine".

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