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July 12 2012

The Avengers Target exclusive 2-disc combo pack. Includes 90-minute bonus disc.

The 3D edition also comes with their bonus disc.

Is it that the one that features on the Marvel Collection?
Seems like it. The description says it describes how the solo-movies were created to lead into Avengers.

I'm not a fan of these retailer exclusive bonus features but thankfully it seems not to be Joss-centric so I don't mind missing out on that.
I find that all these different options just confuse me, On September 25th they will be releasing 5 different packages, but the DVD only package will NOT contain the deleted scenes (which I want). So I have to buy one of the packages that contain the Blue Ray disk, but will I need to have Blue Ray to see the deleted scenes? Or will the deleted scenes be on the DVD disk? It is very confusing (and annoying).
As far as I can work out the deleted scenes will be on Blu-ray (and YouTube).
Welcome to the world of too many options for content. I have an upscaling Blu-Ray player, so I buy DVD's and Blu-Rays indiscriminately. You can find the picture quality better on a Blu-Ray, sure, but having built upwards of 200 DVD's before upgrading, I am not replacing those in my collection in an immediate fashion. This is a definite buy for me, though, as I am a fan of all of the Marvel films. Thanks for the heads-up!
There has been some movies that will put the extras on the DVD as well, if you buy the blu-ray/dvd edition and keep them off the plain DVD version. However, looking at previous Marvel Studio movies their blu-ray/dvd packages don't include any of the extras on their DVD's, they just have the movie.
It says "only at" so I guess these extras really are exclusive? Or that it's the only blu ray that will be sold with that specific disc?

I don't want to buy that expensive collection(which I really hope is region free, or will be given out as region 2 as well) and this, to get all the extras. So I hope it's the second option, so I can skip buying the marvel collection.

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I just e-mailed them. I guess we'll know soon.

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@skytteflickan88 and @matt_fabb amazon has a nice chart that explains the 4 different versions of the movie (5 if you include the 10 disk collectors edition of the Avengers universe, 6 if you include the Target extra disk), you have to scroll down to see the comparison chart.

But the 1 DVD Disk version's only extras are Joss' commentary and a featurette about assembling the team.

The other versions (two 2-disks, one 4 disk) all have the same content extras. The only major difference is if you get the 4 disk pack you get 3D and the digital downloads of movie and the soundtrack. The two different two disk versions of the movie look the same.

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