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July 12 2012

We're getting the crew back together - Science's Firefly reunion show teaser. This will open the Firefly 10th anniversary panel tomorrow at Comic-Con.

Surely it would have been nice to let the fans see it at the panel first rather than put it online the day before?
There's always the choice not to watch it :p
That was fun. My wife and I have been watching so much Castle lately that Nathan looks so different. Understandably after 10 years. This will be fun to watch. I'll need a reminder in November.
I dont like hating on others work, but it could have been stronger. For me, the phrase of "getting the band back together" lost its weight when Billy Beane used it when bringing Jason Giambi back to the Oakland A's, and then let him go during that season. I hope tomorrow's event renews the weight of that statement for me. Like a contract for 3 new seasons on the Sci Fi channel.
It's a fun panel to look back at the show. The show isn't coming back for 3 seasons.'s coming back for SIX! (and a movie?)
I almost cried when i watched that. God i miss firefly, it also bums me out so much that i can't be at ANY of the events where Joss or any of his actors might be...bollocks living in England is annoying sometimes.
Guys you're all wrong, the show is coming back for an infinite amount of years. The science channel has perfected cloning technology and will be running new seasons until the end of time.
I just wish someone with very deep pockets will get it; That the Fandom has grown along with the legend. There is a Market for the SereniVerse, whether it be on TV, Movies, Animation, Books or a Webseries. SereniFly has earned enough money over the years that it deserves more than Comic Books. JMHO, but I bet the bookeeping numbers will back me up.
God I miss Firefly and it's crew, but glad that the Science Channel has it where it seems to be getting the respect it deserves
I am in line. It is 12:40 AM.
Somehow I new b!x would be there. Ha. I remember seeing him hovering over his laptop in the hotel lobby in Burbank and posting updates and garnering support to transform the cancelled 2006 Flanvention to the forever memorable B3.

Ten years! And creator, cast, crew, fans and the media (thank you Science channel) are still abuzz over Firely. And appropriately so. It may not have the multimillions of guaranteed fans that studios demand to reboot a film or tv series, although the chances are better with many of the cast and Joss now well-known to John and Jane Q Public based on their excellent creative work (Castle, Chuck, The Avengers).

Regardless, the enduring quality within the episodes we have cannot be intelligently gainsaid, nor their positive impact regarding family, community, and the desire to do not only well but also right that has inspired so many of us this past (hard to believe) decade.

Browncoats have always listened to and followed "a different drummer." I don't fault us for this. No, not at all.

Dr. Bob

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