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July 13 2012

Joss Whedon is working the line waiting for Friday's 'Firefly Reunion'! Evidently there are a lot of Browncoats lined up in the rain overnight waiting for the panel on Friday. At one point (a couple of hours ago) Adam Baldwin walked by to say 'Hi', but about a half hour ago Joss showed up and is taking his time walking the line and signing autographs.

Just go to twitter and check out #Firefly, and enjoy this, at least I'm enjoying this! So many happy (but damp) fans, and so many funny photos. I just had to add this, one of my favorite posts from the line, because I agree: Joss is so generous with his time, who else would be out in the middle of the night to greet his fans?

I have so much respect for this man. Words just fail me.
I'm here at SDCC waiting in line and camping out for the Firefly Reunion. Around 2:00 am Joss came and began signing autographs and getting his picture taken with fans. He went down the line surrounded by a crowd of people and making everyone's day ( and night).

And I told him about @lisatwingomez and I's original Buffy-inspired song "A Stake in my Heart", and he said "I don't get the reference."

Awesome! Everyone there have fun, oh, and show pics and vids after the panel. ;)
If I was a teenaged girl I'd be calling Joss dreamy right about now.
Joss, you rock so hard! Bless you!!!
I have a bunch of photos via @Firefly10th on Twitter. Jose Molina came through as well.
Jose Molina was tweeting as well.He could see the crowd from his hotel room, heard Joss was down there and went down as well. Here is a picture he sent of him and Joss, that had been taken and originally tweeted by b!X.

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We had to get some sleep. Trying to get there now. I hope we won't be too late.
This is amazing. Thank you everyone in line who are sharing this moment. Joss is boss!!!

And Molina is a fan boy.
That was amazing, when he call the fans, peeps, he means it.

Wished I was there, hoping who's there will have a wonderful time, so wonderful that it also compensates for those of us who are not there.
Exciting! Quite the event for the fans queuing. That's something they will remember for a long time.
Is it weird that this is making me tear up just reading about it? (and it's not just because I'm so sad I'm not there. I think it's part joy and pride in our fandom)
FangedFourLover: I had to laught out loud at Joss saying he did not get the reference. Hee!
I feel the same way. We also kind of know each other in an internetty way and that makes it special too.

Molina, the tease, just tweeted this:

@JoseMolinaTV: Spent half an hour w/ the #Browncoats waiting for the #firefly10th at #SDCC. Can't help feeling that we owe them 3 more seasons of the show.
This is amazing. I love Browncoats. And Joss, of course. I had to laugh at the pics of Joss stepping over sleeping fans, but I hope someone woke them up. How mad would you be if you slept through a chance to meet Joss Whedon?

Oh man, I am so jealous right now.
Sleeping fans were pretty methodically being woken up. Sometimes by Joss telling them to go back to sleep because nothing was happening.
That is good. Joss is silly.
I love that he was actually waking people up to say hi! ARGGHHH! We found out that one of our kids could've qualified for a pro pass this year and didn't go cuz of $$$. I being the 'responsible' parent probably wouldn't have made the kids camp out in the line (the hubby would have!) but now I have the sads SOOOO bad for not blowing our mortgage and going!!
Usually I might feel jealous... but strangely I find myself in the same position as most, almost teary and extremely happy for those who are there. You're expressing the dedication for all of us who simply can't be there, too.
I woke up to the tweets and pictures about it. Not there, but it was still a nice way to start the day. :)
I wish I could be there SO BAD! This is why being 17 sucks. (No drivers license yet).
But this is just more evidence that Joss is Boss.
As if I needed another reason to think he's amazing, now he goes and does this for his fans! Awesome :)
Well, it's safe to say we're waiting the same.
How many writer/directors have an action figure made of them? It's no wonder. Joss is a superhero!
What an awesome thing for Joss (and Jose, and Adam!) to do. So happy for my friends and all the BC that are there on line! Enjoy!
I'm sorry we missed Joss, but glad we got the 3 hours of sleep. It looks like we are going to get into the panels, though we will probably be way in the back.
asaneismRnuTs - right there with ya.

apollo11 - can't feel both? I definitely feel both. So awesome, so jealous I can't be there!! If I was ever gonna go, this should have been the year to do it... curse you San Diego for being on the other side of the country!!
Thanks to b!X and everyone sharing your photos of this happiness!
Aw, that's fantastic.

Sleep is a luxury at SDCC, huh?
Wow. This is actually wonderful. Wish I could be there- but I'm there in spirit!
Like With Pie -- You and me both...
This is amazing. If I wasn't working Comic Con, I would have absolutely been there too. I did want to quickly share my encounter with Joss from yesterday, pulled from my FB.

First post: "I just met Joss Whedon!!!...mostly I just tried to stop myself from crying, and articulate a sentence...pretty much failed."

Follow up comment: "I'm working at the Bandai booth, and was handing out Power Ranger masks (this whole week is surreal). I happened to noticed this guy with a gray hoodie pulled up over his head walk past me, and caught a glimpse of his face. Nobody seemed to notice him which threw me off at first...'Joss Whedon, by himself, at Comic Con, and there aren't legions of fans parading behind him?'...I figured I must have been mistaken for a moment, until I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. I began to introduce myself, but the sudden realization that it was in fact him, looking directly at me, within kissing distance, completely destroyed the talking part of my brain. I tried to explain how much his work has meant to me, and how much I appreciate what he's done for genre writing. I think some of it came out, but mostly I just felt tears welling up behind my eyes. (It was around this point that I realized I was still wearing a Power Rangers mask on top of my head. You see, when he first walked by me, I basically abandoned my post and ran after him.) He smiled at me, thanked me by name, and shook my hand. Yeah, I could have asked for an autograph, or a photo, but really, actually getting to talk to him was worth so much more."
I guess it's safe to say I will be getting absolutely no work done today, what with checking Whedonesque every ten minutes and reading all the Twitter feeds.

Thanks to lisatwingomez, b!x, and all you lucky Browncoats for sharing pics and updates.
DreamRose311: I could, but honestly my happiness for those that did get the chance to meet him is just not letting me be envious. On this rare occasion the gladness that Joss turned up to do this for those who were there really has just been so nice to see by itself.
Yup. Me, my computer, a slightly broken heart, Whedonesque and Twitter. Not the worst part to spend a Friday, I suppose.

I envy you lucky duck SO much. Not in a mean way, more desperate longing to be there with you.
Hope this link works for everyone - photo posted from the Marriott Hotel (I think) of the 5,000+ line waiting to get in to Ballroom 20, posted on Tim Minear's Facebook:

Firefly Fans Wait To See Their Big Damn Cast
Joss really does care about each and every fan. He's still got the special love for his Little Show that got mighty, too. Wish I was there but I'm so happy for all the Browncoats who made it, especially if you get to bask in the direct purple glow.
Following the twitter feeds right now. Happy for everyone who got to meet Joss and those who'll get into the panel.

Keep those of us across the pond posted with tweets and pics please :)
Me with the tearing up as well. Which is weird, 'cuz I almost never do. (The last time was the end of Toy Story 3, which, okay, wasn't that long ago, but still.)

Just when I think there's no way I could admire the man more ...

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This is in fact one of the cutest moments of this fandom evar. Sniff.
That sounds amazing, I wish I was a Joss fan ... wait a minute, I am :)

Got to love the man.
God, just when you think a person couldn't be any sweeter.
Aww ... and Awe. That is indeed the act of a Big Damn Hero. But then, spending the night on the floor of a conference center is an act of Big Damn Love. Wish I was there, but happy for everyone who is.
I got misty eyes just from looking at those pictures. You could see how close Joss is with all his fans. I think I will cry when I watch the panel on Youtube. I really wanted to be there. Well, maybe someday.
Thanks for posting everyone! Please keep them coming!

And aleister.crowley.sings, great story! Thanks for sharing!

Have fun you guys!

EDITED TO ASK...does a "verse" twitter list exist? (say that fast 3 times)

I'd like to open an account and get all my whedony people followed...including "Esquey" people too.

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If anyone wants live tweets (or as live as possible due to the crap reception) of the Firefly AND Joss panel, follow me on twitter at @lisatwingomez
I love the idea of Joss waking up fans to tell them to go back to sleep because nothing was happening. What a great sense of humor. And props to Adam Baldwin for stopping to say "hi" as well. It's great that these people have so much respect for the fans.
Yea! We are in Ballroom 20! We were goggling at the length of the line from where we were on line. It really is nuts.
@lisatwingomez Followed! :)
Just when I think I can't possibly love this man any more, he goes and does something like this.

Bummed that I can't get to twitter from work. But seeing as how I have actual work to do, I supposed it's a good thing.

Feel free to ollow me on twitter at: broadwayhottie! :D I'm lisatwingomez's twin sister :)
They seem to have had over 10,000 people in line for a 4,200-seat hall (that wasn't predictable./sarcasm) so now the majority of the line is finding out they won't get in - don't envy the folks imparting that little bit of news.

The end of the line by tehnakki.

Jossir and Jose Molina Trooping the Colors with the Browncoats was sweet - the cool thing about Joss is that he walked the entire line and woke folks up. How surreal would that have been if you were a Sleeping One?
Oh! I am so wishing I could be there. ENJOY everybody! Keep sharing! I am living vicariously through all of you!
FangedFourLover, you also have 666 tweets... on Friday the 13th! And you still have good luck?? ;)
I too am enjoying the updates on the big event (and also NPH's unrelated Friday the 13th tweets). Thanks to everyone providing the info.
I'm sure there are many more to come, but an early picture of (some of) the gang back together, courtesy of Jose Molina.
Did anyone in line, woken up by Joss, have the presence of mind to immediately ask "Did I fall asleep?"
So much talent combined with so much grace...what an amazing man he is.
sab39-That would have been amazing.
Right now, Joss and I are weepy together, on different sides of the world...
Like many other people who have posted, I was not able to attend SDCC due to finances and the lack thereof. But reading the comments and seeing the pictures, I feel as though I'm still a part of the fun and adventures being had.

Also like many others, I am teary eyed with pride in the fandom and pride in Joss Whedon for inspiring such a group of people. And with joy (as well as some envy) of the fun Joss, the Firefly cast and the fans are having. HUGS to everyone!!
Great first post vfoster, welcome to The Black!
I ended up going over to the Hilton Bayside to find a comfortable chair to rest in awhile after failing to get into Hall H. My feet just couldn't take it (I knew I wouldn't make it in anyway), nor could my stomach, which had been poisoned by Wendy's last night. Then I went upstairs to the ridiculously small ladies room near the Indigo Ballroom where Joss did the panel I saw last summer (3 stalls ... 3!!!). There must have been perfect timing unfurling in the universe because just as I was going out the same doors I came in, Joss was being hustled in, smirking about something, and I said as I kept walking, trying to get out of the way, "It's the Joss-Man!" and made people behind me laugh. It just came out and I was very low-key about it. So there was that today. Passing within fingertip touching distance. :-)
I dreamed I was at CC to night. Good dream, waking up sad :(
i am enjoying following news about the panel on the internet. it's the next best thing to being there!

@ sab39 i like that reference. i just recently finished watching both seasons!
"I follow you on Twitter!" - lisatwingomez (This is the sort of hilarious random statement you run into at Comic-Con. She was like the next group over from us in line.

I ended up escorting Jose up and down the line, finding the Browncoats I knew were there, and up to see Joss, who was nearing the end of the line at that point, before he left. Apparently, they had not seen each other since the Serenity premiere, so the first couple beats of their conversation was sort of a hilarious "will Joss place this person 7-10 years since he last saw him" moment.

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