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July 13 2012

Firefly reunion panel at Comic-Con kicks off shortly. Hopefully we'll be getting live updates via Twitter from the likes of @ScienceAt, @lisatwingomez and @Firefly10th. If there's any major announcements, this entry will be updated accordingly. Oh and you might want to check out the reunion photos at ETA: HitFix is live blogging the panel as is Leaky News, hypable and CinemaBlend. has lovely pics of the panel. And if you want to be overwhelmed, check out this recap of what happened at the end of the panel (video of it here). Hypable is also covering the post Firefly panel press conference.

Ahh, so many tabs open! Gonna be clicking, reading and refreshing a lot in this next hour!
Twitter's gone silent. Rumor has it they're all busy clapping madly and you can hear it outside the room.
People are getting impatient. Lights finally down!
Ooh here we go! Television Blend's also on the Live-Blogging Front:
I have goose bumps and I'm on the opposite coast.
Ah, the reason I got a twitter account in the first place however many years ago - to follow the Whedon news from SDCC. Vicariously excited.
I do wonder if we're going to end up with internet video of this event or with it being a Science channel thing if they've stopped that from happening.
Can't stop the signal, azzers.
Following the feeds is bringing actual tears to my eyes. And down my cheeks. (And Sepinwall is doing a fantastic job at hitfix.)

etf: name misspelling

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I can't seem to find a pic of the there a twitpic somewhere I'm missing? I think I'm using half our office's bandwidth with all these sites/feeds/blogs...
Apparently they are acting out a radio scene--"Whedon keeps the bit going, asks Maher to say something intelligent and Simon-sounding. Maher: "I think you have a fever?" Fillion: "And the only cure is more 'Firefly'!"

That just got posted. This better be leading somewhere!
So jealous! I wish I were there!

I really would go for a Firefly radio drama continuation. And it would be easier to organize, what with not needing everyone at the same time and place.
That felt like an awful lot of lead up for no big announcement. Sounded like an amazing panel but still... I can't help but feel like we're being toyed with, proverbial carrot dangling.
Just following everyone's liveblogs and tweets , and to watch #firefly trending. Brings many tears to my eyes. Can't believe the panels already over. The emotion in that hall right now must be amazing.
Wow, that was extraordinary. Even though I'm across the pond, sitting at a computer, it's still so overwhelming and touching to hear how they're all tearing up and getting applauded and saying such amazing things.
It was a 10 year reunion panel, we got exactly as it was described before hand. Sounded incredibly emotional.
Kaonevar, what were you expecting? Just a reunion panel and we got Joss in tears!

eta: misspell

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I will be happy to see this and all but I think Science Channel overhyped this a bit much.

Surprises and announcements and whatnot.
Plus, it's nice to know that we are definitely going to be getting more comics. I think that's rather good to know...

ETA: It's true that the 'surprises and announcements' bit made it sound like there was ~something~ coming, but I just ... kind of ignored it? So I wouldn't get any hopes up...

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Kaonevar, I never expected any announcements because if anyone was bringing back another season of Firefly and/or a sequel to Serenity then the panel would have been hosted by Fox and/or Universal, not by the Science Channel (don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that they are filming a nice Firefly Reunion Special to air Nov. 11, 2012).
And we did hear that there would be more comics (I love the Serenity comics!).
I do wish the radio show could be a real thing... I would LOVE that!
io9 has some more pics if you want to add this to the post:
Sorry, I suck at doing the comment-linking thing...
Nope. Not weepy. Nuh uh. Not at all.... dammit. Thanks for the RTs on twitter. It was almost like being there. Except I'm by myself at work. Not crying. #lying
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have read what was tweeted, etc. and happy for the reunion. But a televised special for a 40 minute reunion panel? Seems like overkill and overhype. I mean, the cast has reunited some at cons before and never got a special. If they wanted to shoot the breeze, they could have done that at Joss's like they sometimes do. Seemed like the media spun this as more than it was so yes, it's a bit disappointing that no big announcement happened considering how the cast was even making quotes that sounded like something more would be announced. *shrug*
I'll admit that I welled up a bit reading the end of the panel...sounds like it was a funny, amazing and very emotional panel.
Well, that was sort of viscerally indescribable.
Dude_Meister, thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for earlier!
kaonevar, how about thinking about it in terms of where it could go now. I mean look at how many people were in that hall, how many queued, the response -- Firefly is actually trending right now! That could all aid in favour of future things to come...
I'm crying sitting at my computer. These people mean the world to me and knowing how much the show, each other and their fans mean to them is very moving.

You're right, simon, it was exactly what I was expecting and maybe a bit more so. I certainly never expected any announcements about new episodes or more movies. They did say there would be more comics, though.
Simon, when you say, we got what was described beforehand, this included sci fi "billing as 'numerous buzz-worthy surprises.' Im trying to find out what those "buzz-worthy surprises we got.
Show was cancelled 10 years ago without even airing its full run. A hugely popular SDCC panel that has a decent number of the key players present and choking up in the presence of their fans cannot be overhyped. And they're going to show it on tv later! The whole thing is just inherently amazing.
Butler - we got laughs, we got tears, we got new anecdotes, we got a panel that will probably go down in fandom history. If that's not buzz worthy or a surprise then I don't know what it is. I was stunned to see how many people were crying at what I was retweeting on the Whedonesque account. This was one of the those rare times when Firefly fans across the world could share in the moment. And I'm grateful for it.
Thanks for all the retweets! So wish I could have been there.

Am depressed now thinking of what could have been! Must put on an episode to console myself.

But more comics-yay!
Thank you all who provided the live feed. The energy was amazing, that I felt through the tweets, on the other side of the country. I'm still a little weepy.

Who knows what the future will hold? Maybe @Scienceat are are just paying homage to a show that has and will continue to do well for them. Hey, if I get to see that radio show bit, I'll be happy.

My mantra is I only want a new season if there really is a full season of stories that the writers want to tell. They aren't there... yet or at all. But maybe good things will come of this.
You guys realize they are still running the Firefly Press Panel, right? Back at Hypable...
Simon, I hear ya. I think I just expected everything you mentioned. I couldn't have visualized it any less. Guess that's why I didn't get surprised.
This has to be my favorite Joss quote from all day...

When asked about the less than utopian future in the world of Firefly, what does that tell us about our future, Joss responded:

We’re doomed? I don’t have any faith in man kind. But I love my friends desperately. The faith I have is in my friends who can band together when things are falling apart. I believe in family. I don’t think we’re going to solve problems.

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And don't forget the Joss Dark Horse panel coming later today; perhaps we'll hear some more on these future Firefly comics?
Joss said this: "“When you come out of a great movie, you feel like you’re in that world. When you’re telling a story, you’re trying to connect to people in a particular way. It’s about inviting them into a world. The way you’ve inhabited this world, this universe, you have become part of it. When I see you guys, I don’t think the show is off the air. I think there’s spaceships and horses — the story is alive.”

He was nearly brought to tears, was given a standing O before he could speak, and decided there was not anything to be said after that.
Yeah, alexreager, I think that may be my favorite quote from today, too.

Anyhoo, I've had something in my eye for hours now, it's really annoying. And it keeps switching eyes, too - I can't account for it.

And there was some soggy sniffiness from fandom's favorite critic Mo Ryan.

(BTW, @lisatwingomez did a great job of live-blogging - she was so fast & all articulate & stuff.)

Today has not been a Big Day For Working - of the Paying Kind, you know? I may have to find somebody to blame, maybe Joss, maybe Nathan, maybe the whole Firefly cast and crew for making This Blessed Show, This Realm, This: Firefly.
(of happy)

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Thanks, alexreager, for the reminder and the link re: Firefly press panel. Someone just referred to today's panel as the #Firefly love/grief fest, which is really true of my own mixed feelings. I love lots of wonderful creative books/TV/movies, but I don't think I'll ever love anything as deeply as I do Firefly/Serenity. I wish I could have been in San Diego to enjoy this homage to Joss, but I can still appreciate it and get all teary right here at my desk top.

BTW I deeply appreciate Whedonesque and all the little Whedonequers who linked, tweeted, and posted making this one of my best days.
The energy in the room was truly amazing. I ended up in tears more because of Joss and Nathan's reactions. I think there was a cyclone of gratitude in the room from fans to cast and writers and back around from the writers and cast to each other and to the fans that every one could feel. It brought out a lot of emotion.
Just wake up in the other side of the world. And I really have to get ready. But I took some time to read this and I’m in tears right now. This means everything to me. THANK YOU everyone to share the experience with us who couldn't attend. This just made my day. Nothing could bring me down today. I love you guys so much.
Joss dark horse panel up next!
Joss done with Much Ado, met with Horrible team. Is planning a miniseries he has not told dark horse about.
Really very impressed with lisatwingomez's live-Tweeting. So awesome! I was, unfortunately, stuck in a meeting for most of the Firefly panel, but I definitely got choked up reading those sweet, sweet Tweets afterward.

Can't wait to see your pics, b!x. Thanks again to everyone for sharing.
Newsarama live-blogging the Dark Horse panel:
I really wish I could have been there, but I'm hoping that maybe putting some quotes from the panel in rotation wouldn't be out of the question.
Here's the video of Joss' getting teary and the standing ovation that followed.
Whedon keeps the bit going, asks Maher to say something intelligent and Simon-sounding. Maher: "I think you have a fever?" Fillion: "And the only cure is more 'Firefly'!"

Fillion riffed on MORE COWBELL?! For that double Walken reference (his impersonation and the line) I love him even more, if that's possible.
QuoterGal: 'Oh, I've found a Joss-quote from today I think I like even better:

"The story is alive. I see it in all of us."

I love that quote, it has become my favorite Joss quote ever; however, @ScienceAt is the only one I've found who has given us the 2nd half. I listened to the youtube clip but there was so much going on and the camera was so wavery that I couldn't hear or see if he actually said something after the first half. Science was close so I'll give him/her the benefit of the doubt for now, but I'd love confirmation.
So happy and crying ,reading all this!
Now I have to climb over the Great Fire Wall to see all your twitters!
You Can't Stop The Signal!
This made me cry a couple of times. I love these people and I really feel the love coming from them. Wish I could've been there. But I am really greatful to be able to watch it on youtube and read about it. I now have the urge to rewatch Firefly again. Better start ASAP.
@cabri, on the TFAW YouTube clip, it is at 50:10.
for some reason, that hypable link doesn't show any liveblog of the post-panel thing (or any liveblog at all) :(

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