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February 11 2004

When Harry Met Sally, the view from the West End. A fan describes a preview performance of Alyson Hannigan's London play - including an Alexis sighting.

Voice projection is pretty anathema to consummate screen actors and from my own days in the theatre I can attest that it is the most difficult thing.

Great post. I love hearing tidbits of info on how screen actors have to adjust to the stage.

From my 90210 days (sshh) I can vaguely remember Luke Perry as having a rather low-key voice - just to picture him screaming his head off is hilarious;-)
There's moving pics of Alyson rehearsing the fake orgasm scene here.
well, I was moved. thanks, Simon
I went to see when Harry met Sally last night and thought that it was excellent! It was very funny and showed what a great actress Alyson Hannigan really is! Afterwards I was lucky enough to get the autographs of Alyson and Luke Perry and then Alexis turned up and i managed to get his autograph to! Then as if that wasnt enough i was lucky enough to meet JOSS WHEDON! i nearly died! He was lovely and chatted to me! I can't believe how down to earth he is! He is an amazing guy! I got his autograph and was in complete shock when I got home that I met JOSS WHEDON!!!! Thank you so much Joss for chatting to me and you really made my day! (well my life actually!) I was the blonde girl who screamed your name at the top of my voice when you turned up! If you are reading this, and you get five minutes free please email me!!!!

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