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July 13 2012

Nathan's panel on NerdHQ streaming live soon. Follow the livestream at ETA: If you missed Nathan's Q&A, you can watch it here.

Oh wait, it's actually Rise of the Guardians. So Nathan's should be next. Whee!

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This is... what? Where's Nathan's vid? I see nothing even mentioning it.
It's on the panel schedule on the right. Pacific time, I think.
Thank you quacky. :)
Why are these people so clueless?

Dr. Tightpants? Really?
I added a link to the archived copy.
@Willowy They're nervous. Speaking in front of a crowd with cameras and then they're talking to their heroes on top of that. It's awkward but understandable.
That was shiny. Nathan is so quick. That last question about what a book would be titled, he had the answer out almost before the question was finished. Loved the Game of Thrones mime.
Edit: never mind, it's working now.

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