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July 13 2012

Joss's Dark Horse panel at SDCC. The panel is scheduled to run 5:30-6:30 PST. Come chat about it here! A live blog of it can be found at ComicBookResources and Newsarama. Things to note is that Dr. Horrible will air on The CW and Joss is scoring Much Ado About Nothing.

And Newsarama is live blogging it:

And some of our awesome friends in attendance are also live-tweeting it.
I am... elsewhere! But feel free to shout at me on Twitter if something needs attention here. Link's in my profile.
Jeff Jensen @EWDocJensen is tweeting as well.

So much whedony goodness today, I'm a little over loaded, like eating a pixie stick or 10.
I hear on twitter that Joss is wearing a 'Much Ado About Nothing' shirt, why are there no photos? And where can I get one?!?!?!
I know, embers, I have a desire to see it, as well.

So, this:

Q: Now that produceers are probably more open to your work because of Avengers, are there any unrealized projects you'd like to go back to?

W: "I'm not actually a big "go-back" guy. Even if it's unrealized, It's happened, that relationship has run its course. I kind of tend to look forward. So I think the next thing I create will be something I haven't created yet...


So I'm thinking maybe notsomuch with the Goners, huh? Merde.

(I'm one of those Hopeless Causes kindof people...)
CBR s blogging too.
whoa, CW is going to air Dr. Horrible next year? Another milestone, yes please!
Huh. Good questions.
That is cool about CW running 'Dr. Horrible', particularly with 'Dr. Horrible 2' coming out next year (probably).
I am really excited that Dr. Horrible will air on the CW. I guess I'm old school.
For a second there I didn't believe you dottikin and had to go to CBR for confirmation.
Loved - as I would - Joss' political riff, spurred on by the question "I really enjoyed some of what you wrote during the Writer's strike, and the corporate big bads in some of your work. Can you tell us your economic philosophy?"

This was his response, per Newsarama:


W: I was raised on the upper west side of Manhattan in the 70s by people who thought Socialism as a model was a beautiful CONCEPT. And we're watching capitalism destroy itself right now, ultimately all of these systems don't work.

"I like to champion the working class because they are getting destroyed. If we keep the way we're going we're turning into czarist russia and creating serfdom. We need a system that honors what people achieve, but also honors the need for people to have a life and have a chance

During the Writer's strike I was FURIOUS, I remain FURIOUS

"I wasn't sure what to do about it. What happens now in the political arena, we have people trying to create structures or people trying to preserve structures that help the working class and people calling them socialist."

"it's not about republican vs democrat or conservative vs liberal. It's about people trying to preserve life and people who have gone OFF THE RESERVATION."

"And that's hurting America"


Go it, Joss. Right there with ya.
Woo Hoo @lisatwingomez gave me the link to Joss' 'Much Ado' T-shirt!
From Newsrama at 6:02 --
"When Buffy had been on for three years, we started pitching the animated series that never went anywhere and literally got 'well she has to have a male counterpart who's just as cool as her or we won't do it.'"

Every time Joss talks about the failed Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series, my heart breaks a little.
The biggest Buffy comic news is Joss saying there is one more miniseries in addtion to Spike and Willow that he hasn't told Scott about before that that he wants to do.
I was at the panel!!!

It was fantastic, all of Whedon's work was covered, and he was so eloquent and intelligent and funny and insightful, and... A genius. :D

I'm curious as to what miniseries he's referring to! Who could it be? :)
I'm wondering if it's Illyria.It was assumed that Illyria was going to be in Buffy and Joss was reserving rights to her but as we've seen,plans can change.Maybe a Illyria miniseries either instead or addtion to a Buffy appearance?
When Buffy had been on for three years, we started pitching the animated series that never went anywhere and literally got "well she has to have a male counterpart who's just as cool as her or we won't do it"

Regarding Dr. Horrible on TV being the big news, on the mainpage of IMDB they linked to this article that sounded incredibly alarmist, "Comic-Con 2012: Joss Whedon: America Is Turning Into ‘Tsarist Russia’". Even the text of that report doesn't seem that concerned.

Granted calling something a "fervent political rant" has totally different connotations from "off-the-cuff impassioned response to a direct inquiry."
I have to admire how The Wrap neglected to mention that Joss thinks all these systems don't work.
Interesting to hear that he's flying to London to start working on Wastelanders. Warren Ellis recently referred to working on Wastelanders in his latest newsletter Machine Vision. Warren talks about being behind in writing because of problems with his laptop and having just gotten a new one. It sounds like something was due, but he's using the fact that Joss is too busy at San Diego to catch up.

As a big fan of both Warren and Joss, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
Re: The Wrap's coverage of Joss' answer to the "economic policy" question.


If I hadn't read the Newsarama live-blog first, and then that of ComicBookResources, and had only read The Wrap's article, I woud've had a totally different impression of what Joss said than... well, what he in fact said.

Bad slanty alarmist coverage.

Edited to add:

My lack of understanding of the following Joss-quote may have something to do with me not knowing much about AXM, Emma and Danger, but does anyone think they know what are the two different societal directives Joss believes we are given? I can think of a bunch of dissonant or irreconcilable admonitions we're exhorted to follow, but I'm not sure which Joss was referring to.

"For AXM, particularly Emma and Danger's arcs, it's about people always working at cross purposes."

"In our society we are given two different directives that we are constantly trying to accomplish. That dissonance is what makes us human. I honestly didn't understand that until I was writing a comic book about it."

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2012-07-14 09:05 ]
How long until someone posts this on Youtube or something? I'm dying to watch it.
I was at a Buffy/Angel get together last night (we still do this monthly) and thanks to the live blogging at Newsarama, we were following along, which was a great way to spend the evening.
My son and I were there. As soon as he started answering the economic question i knew things would get twisty on the reporting. Great panel. My son was riding high after seeing Joss twice in one day. No up close and personals like a lot of people, but still great.

During the panel before it on strong women, apparently Joss's name came up. I was out of the room and missed it, but my son was angered by what was said. Can anybody who was there (or not there) tell me what was said?
I found this to be very telling: When Joss was asked if given the opportunity, would he go back and make Firefly Season 2 at a point when Wash was still alive, he said "No". He said Wash still being alive (pre-movie) would mean that River was still insane, and Joss doesn't want to go there. He said people die and we have to keep moving forward.
hmm cant believe that was said about the animated series seen as by then buffy had found its audience
news about wastelanders is good
interesting to see how media reported on what joss said in different ways (just goes to show how easily ppl can be misquoted or taken out of context)
also would be good to hear how joss was talked about in the strong women panel as cannot see how anyone could be negative about him in it but by sounds of it they were
He's dodged a couple of questions asking him if he will be directing Avengers II now. Would be nice to know for sure, but I suppose Joss doesn't know himself yet. I kind of hope he doesn't, but that is just me being selfish; it must be so much fun to write and direct a project like that.
Hey Mods, could we get an open SDCC thread? This is cool and wanted to post it, but there wasn't any place it fit:

Grant Imahara ‏@grantimahara
And then, @NathanFillion introduced us to @georgerrmartin. #thatjusthappened #thingsineverthoughtidsay

Nathan introduced Grant to GEORGE! And you just KNOW Nathan asked him about "Write Like The Wind"!

Oh, to have been a monkey on his shoulder.
QuoterGal, I don't remember what Emma's two directives were, but the Danger Room was programmed to find ways to kill the X-Men without actually killing them. The Danger Room is a fight simulator designed to train the X-Men to deal with mortal danger (without offing team members during dress rehearsals).
@Willowy What?? George R R Martin and Nathan Fillion in the same sentence? Oh wow...can Nathan please be on Game of Thrones somehow?

Also, I'd never seen "Write Like The Wind" before, that was kind of awesome.
Yeah I thought Joss would end up on the front of Drudge.

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