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July 14 2012

Watch a video of yesterday's Firefly reunion panel. have the panel up on YouTube as well. And you can watch videos of the post-Firefly panel press conference at the (scroll down to the bottom of the page and yes they were joking about a reboot).

What does one need to watch something in html-5? If it's a mobile of some sort, is there a way to get that whatever it is on a pc?
It's working on my PC, what browser are you using?
Every browser should be able to render HTML5, except older IE's. So use Chrome or Firefox and you should be safe.
Well there's a YouTube version as well so I added that to the entry.
I'm using FF, newest one, but it says no support. I rightclicked and it let me download with my down them all addon. Thanks for the youtube link though :)
Awesome, even though I'd read everything that was said yesterday, these were still hugely enjoyable! Fingers crossed for an upload of the Joss Dark Horse panel...
Does anyone know what actor was rude to the women on set?
And HERE'S the link to a story about Dr. Horrible airing on the CW. I missed this bit while "working" and following all the fun yesterday. Is the public at large ready for Dr. Horrible? I could see people really being blown away. Also, I wonder if this is another Jossian precedent, has another web series ever aired on national television?
@ShannonMS81 I'm curious as well
I absolutely loved Nathan and Alan's Firefly "radio show". I want more of that!

Wow, the end of the video made me all teary-eyed, I don't know why. ;)
This is one of those big events you could tell your grandchildren about. Unfortunately I must tell them I was on the other side of the Atlantic at the time ... *sigh*
"Only an idiot would try to follow that with a sentence..."

God I love this fandom. Not a single word. Not one word... and everyone cries.
Thank you to all who posted and tweeted and let us see the panel this morning on youtube. To take the time to do that during such an intense panel is a feat. I teared up throughout the hour this morning as I watched. It's hard to put the love and admiration I feel towards these amazing people.

I must admit that I am also wildly curious as to who it was that disrespected the women of Firefly.
Damn, that was sweet. Thanks to everyone who reported on the panel here and on Twitter and to people who shot and put the video online as well.
I gotta third the feeling of intrigue and curiosity about which male guest star hit Nathan's fury button...I would presume it would need to be a guest star that had scenes with the female cast, which actually kinda limits things if you think about it since not to many of the major guest stars did scenes where Summer, Gina, Morena and Jewel would have been present.

Part of me wonders if it was . Then again, it could be any number of actors who may have been on set for their scenes, made a nasty comment or two about our female BDHs and Nathan showed him proof that hacking off a Canadian can be downright deadly to one's piece of mind :(
Definitely got tear-eyed while watching this. It just amazes me what am impact this show and those people have had on fans. When Joss started crying while trying to answer that last question - which was, by the way, an awesome last question - my admiration and respect for him was confirmed.
@luv4whedon: You raise a good point: Joss' moving and dramatic closing monologue was the response to an excellent set-up. Kudos to that questioner!
I'd like to second the above comment and thank everyone who tweeted and shot vid so all of us who couldn't be there could get a small glimpse of what it was like.
I'm still only giving a cursory look at my photos, but you can see two good ones atop my Flickr stream right now.
Has he ever said anything before about what he would do if there were a sequel? Because in the press conference he talks about moving on, which of course means an "intricate flashback structure", and then specifically says
I'll tell you honestly that in my head, the opening scene of the sequel is a conversation between Wash and Book. And where it goes from there I can't tell you.
Another thing that he's either never said before, or I'm just losing memories.

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Also, I love Tim's no-nonsense, strident response to the final panel question about whether or not Firefly will still matter, still resonate, ten years (and more) from now.
Do you see this show surviving and being a presence here at Comic-Con in 50, in 100 years? There are small children here that are seeing Jayne hats for the first time that I hope in five or ten years watch the show, and I'm wondering if you think the same way, and what you think that's going to mean to another generation and multiple generations after.

TIM MINEAR: Yes. I say yes. Yes. 'Cause we were right. 'Cause we were right. The thing that we made was right. We were right about it, it was good. The network was wrong. The fans are correct. And it's not just because it got cut down before its time, it's because we were right. And that universe was fully realized very quickly. [Points to Joss] And that's because of you.

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