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July 14 2012

Alexis Denisof explains his role in The Avengers. Did you spot him when you watched the movie?

Oh darn, I thought he was Thanos, not The Other. I was told he was in the movie, playing a role, I must have misunderstood. More cool that's he's The Other though; more screen time.
I think reports around the time when the movie premiered were a bit vague as to whether he was playing Thanos or The Other.
Its a bit sad that allmost everytime Allyson is interviewved the interviewer doesnt has a clue who Alexis is...
"upcoming (musical!) Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing"...
Wait, what? This can't be right, can it?
If it's a musical, this is the first I'm hearing about it! I'm pretty sure it's wrong. But I'd be over the moon if it's true!
A musical would be amazing, but I think if it had been a musical it would probably have taken them longer to make it. They *are* all super-talented though, so maybe?
Not a musical. Has a Jed and Maurissa song in it.
It's lovely to see Alexis again. Even more excited for Much Ado now.
So Alexis is going to sing!?! Apparently, he's not good at it, but still. I've always been a little bitter that Wesley didn't sing a solo at Caritas. So I guess this will make up for it.
This is an excellent interview, the interview really knew what he was talking about and teased more information out of Alexis than he would have given unprompted (which is my definition of a GREAT interviewer!). And of course I am so excited about 'Much Ado'!
oh cool did not realise it was him in avengers but that is cool hope hes in some more of the marvel films now
I think it will probably be Thor 2. They will have to deal with Loki being back on Asgard, and Thanos and The Other will be looking to get Loki, too.

Could be a decent set-up for Avengers 2, with Loki joining forces with Thor to fight against the baddies. My much-wanted redemption of Loki would fit right in there! And if Midgard comes into it, as it will because Jane, even better!

Doubtful, though. Avengers 2 will probably go with an all-new threat next time around. Also, how are they gonna wrap Iron Man 3 around all this? Cap 2?

Yay! SO. MUCH. MARVEL! Excelsior!

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