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July 14 2012

Morena Baccarin on Firefly's 10 year anniversary, Comic-Con and diversity. She couldn't be at yesterday's panel but to make up for it, there's a very good interview with her at The Huffington Post.

Broken link is broken. :-( Maybe this?

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All fixed now, cheers.
The interview mentions a video she wanted to shoot/was shooting to be shown at the panel. Was there one? They had clips there but they got cut out of the YouTube video.
She tweeted that she'd made a video but they didn't show it at the panel.
"Do you know who wrote/created the character?" Really? Some odd questions, but nice answers. Too bad they haven't reached out to all of the cast yet for the special. I hope in they get everyone involved somehow.
Inara had the best costumes. I want those clothes.
That's the first time, that I remember anyway, anyone mentioning that Inara was Kai's suggestion. Did we know this already and I just somehow missed or forgot it? (Given that was the answer, the question turned out not to be so "odd".)

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